Mcscrag leaves Clutch Gaming, Thinkcard to become head coach

This could be the change they need to make playoffs.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 10 Jul 2019


Photo via Riot Games

Clutch Gaming has announced the official departure of their head coach, Brendan "mcscrag" McGee effective immediately. Thomas "Thinkcard" Slotkin will be promoted from his role as assistant coach to fill the position.

Mcscrag joined Clutch as head coach near the end of 2018 to replace David "DLim" Lim. While the team hasn't had very much success in the 2019 season, mcscrag was well known for being transparent about the team's performance and goals. He would frequently do interviews on the LCS broadcast to explain drafting choices and strategies as well.

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While Thinkcard joined Clutch as an assistant coach only last week, he has plenty of experience working with teams in various coaching positions. The last three teams that he has coached for, Echo Fox, FlyQuest, and Cloud9 Challenger, were all able to make playoffs.

Clutch is currently sitting in seventh place in the LCS with a 4-6 scoreline. Given his track record, Thinkcard may be able to elevate the team's level and bring them to playoff contention.

Starting this weekend, Thinkcard will lead Clutch Gaming on stage during the pick/ban phase alongside the newly-appointed assistant coach Connor "Artemis" Doyle.


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