CLG Wiggily: “We did it for Trevor”

After 1176 days, CLG has finally scored against TSM.

League of Legends's Icon Steven Paul · 9 Jul 2019


Photo via Riot Games

1176 is the number running through the head of every CLG fan leading into Sunday. Not only is that the number of days since CLG won its last North American LCS title, but also the last time they beat their long-time rivals TSM. As the two oldest organizations currently in the franchised LCS, the rivalry between CLG and TSM runs deep for long-term fans, despite the TSM dominance for the past three years. CLG fans finally have a reason to celebrate as they have ended their losing streak in dominant fashion. Ending their game at the 24:56 minute mark with a 13k gold lead, this wasn’t just a win, it was a stomp. I had a chance to sit down with the victorious CLG Jungler, Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin, to discuss what the victory means for the team, his 2 year contract deal, and what exactly “Minnesota style” is. 

Alright Wiggily, it’s been 1176 days since CLG beat TSM and you were part of the roster to finally take them down. Talk me through the energy of that victory moment. 

Wiggily: It’s really weird because in game I wasn’t really feeling it, it was just another game. When we won the game it started setting in like, “Wow we actually did it.” I’m just really proud of everyone and the way we played. It just hit me at the end, all the adrenaline, and I just felt really happy for everyone. 

Today in particular there was a large crowd chanting CLG. It’s been a while since I’ve heard one that loud, what does that mean to you?

Honestly I’m one of the newer players so it’s a little bit different for me, but I just felt so happy for everyone, Trevor especially. He’s been on CLG for so long and we’d been kind of laughed at for a while now. Before the game we said we were going to do it for him. Kind of as a joke, but also serious. So for the long term fans, we did it for Trevor. Everything just worked and the game was really easy. 

Especially impressive in that game was you breaking out the Sylas pick. You’ve been playing mostly the Sejuani/Trundle matchup so with Sejuani banned, what was it like getting to let loose on something more carry oriented?

Well we’ve always had a lot of picks ready that we’ve been practicing throughout every week. It just happened that on stage, for whatever reason, we were getting Sejuani and our counter pick into Sejuani was Trundle. That’s just what we had been doing in the draft, but it’s not like those were the only champions we could play. I’ve always been ready to pull out other champs and today was just the right scenario. I knew once they picked all these insane ults that this would be the perfect game for Sylas. I was pretty confident going into it, and it feels good to be off Trundle. At the end of the day though I have the most fun winning, so I’ll play whatever my team needs. 

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I wish my solo queue junglers had that mentality. You recently just signed a two year contract with CLG. What made you confident to stick with the organization for so long?

They’ve just always had this trust in me that I’m developing into a really good player, and even after last split when things didn’t go how we wanted them to they just kept trust in me. They knew how well I could play from watching the ways i’ve been developing in scrims. They put their trust in me and have always been really good to me overall. Plus I just feel that our team is really good and I’m happy with the roster that we’ve had. I didn’t see any reason not to stay. 

Now today CLG rocked the new jerseys in partnership with the organization Nami. What is Nami and what was the thought behind the jerseys?

Nami is a foundation for mental health. I think that mental health is something that’s really important in gaming and doesn’t get brought up a lot in the public platform. We just felt that it was a kind gesture to bring attention to them, and I think I even hovered Nami in the game a little bit. It’s just something that doesn’t get brought up a lot and we’ve been working with Nami a lot at CLG so we felt it was a good time to show off our jerseys when we beat TSM. 

Now a little known fact about CLG is that Weldon, Moon, and yourself are all from Minnesota. Now I’m also from Minnesota and I noticed on your Twitter account that your bio includes “Minnesota style.” If you had to summarize, what exactly is “Minnesota style?”

Oh man, how to summarize it… You can’t really, you just know. Like as a fellow Minnesotan you just know what it is. It’s the rink, it’s the Brewsky with the Broskis. (Laughs) It’s just something that me and Moon started saying randomly. We’d be like, “Oh, that’s just a Minnesota style game.” It’s just an adjective now, making Minnesota an adjective. It’s funny because everyone who’s not from Minnesota is like, “What are these guys saying?” It’s just a funny thing we like to say. 

So does that mean your performance in that last game as Sylas was “Minnesota style”? 

Yeah, that was definitely a Minnesota style Sylas game for me. That’s what we’d say. *Laughs*


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