Revenge joins FlyQuest as academy top laner

FlyQuest grows their collection of Riven one-tricks.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 9 Jul 2019


Image via FlyQuest

FlyQuest announced today that popular streamer and Riven one-trick Moe "Revenge" Kaddoura will be joining the organization as its academy top laner.

Revenge recently made the decision to put his dreams of becoming a medical professional on the back burner in order to pursue opportunities to go pro. As he said in a Twitter video, he hopes to grow as a player and improve his skills within a team environment.

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He doesn't have any previous experience playing pro, but he has proven that he can perform in a coordinated team environment. This past January, Revenge lead his team, EZ Clap, to victory in the finals of the $35,000 Twitch Rivals League of Legends tournament.

Now that he's on FlyQuest, he joins Omran "V1PER" Shoura as the second Riven OTP to play for the team. FlyQuest's previous academy top laner, Alvin "Engo" Ngo, will be allowed to pursue other options within the league.


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