OG Kold: “2019 League is all about innovation and catching your opponent off guard”

“I don’t think NA teams were prepared for what hit them”

League of Legends's Icon Steven Paul · 3 Jul 2019


Photo via Riot Games

After day two of Rift Rivals, Upcomer sat down with Origen jungler Jonas “Kold” Anderson to hear his thoughts on the event, NA junglers, and his “swole bro” tier list from the tournament. 

It’s interesting to see Origen play some of these unique comps so far at the tournament. Has G2’s playstyle affected how Origen approach the game?

Kold: That’s always hard to tell, because for example we lane swapped Nukeduck to the bottom lane for a few games and suddenly everyone’s saying we’re copying G2. We don’t feel like that’s something we took from them, but what they have done is making our brains think how to innovate more in the game. I think 2019 League is all about innovation and catching your opponents off guard. You’re not gonna win by playing a completely standard game against the top teams in the world right now. 

Do you feel this is the most entertaining meta to play in as a pro player?

I mean it’s definitely more challenging as a player, and more stressful. You don’t know what is hitting you. I don’t know if I would say it’s the most entertaining. It’s definitely more entertaining than Ardent Censor meta, let’s put it that way (laughs).

I would assume as a viewer it’s very entertaining to watch instead of just farming for twenty minutes and then have one teamfight and it’s over. I definitely think we’re going towards the entertainment side and I guess League of Legends and esports is all about entertainment. I think it’s a good thing. 

What are your thoughts on the junglers you’ve faced so far?

I think Xmithie is one that when I play against him he reminds me of myself. We play a similar style. Svenskeren is someone I played a lot against in Europe and I know I also played against him at Worlds back in 2016. Those are the junglers that I’m familiar with who are good, for the others I’m not sure what to say.

I think that in the jungle role right now, you can’t really showcase your skill because you’re put on champions who are not very flashy. In our game today against TSM we played the Sejuani/Trundle matchup so it’s not so much about you as it is how to impact the rest of the game. You’re not going to carry a game in that sense. I’m mostly trying to learn from them (NA junglers) and the way that they impact their team and what they’re doing with their team. They’re all good, they’re here for a reason. I think definitely the C9 and TL junglers are better than TSM’s. 

Well that gets tricky because C9 also has Blaber, and then TSM has Akaadian and Grig. What do you think about teams with two starting junglers? 

I think it’s very interesting, especially if you have two different styles. Then it makes a lot of sense. I don’t think on TSM they have different styles, they’re just playing the same stuff. I don’t know exactly what the deal is with TSM, but I would love to see them try different stuff out. When I’ve been watching them this summer they just kept subbing in and out and playing the same champions.

I do think C9 has a good thing going for them with the veteran Svenskeren and new guy Blaber. Whenever I watched him play he seems very confident in his own play and aggressive and willing to take chances. I think in the meta right now as a jungler you have to be willing to take chances in the early game because that’s what decides victors. At least in Europe anyway. 

What do you think the most important trait for a jungler to have?

First of all you need to be able to take as much information given to you as possible, and then use it in the best possible way you can. That goes for anyone, because you can’t make everyone happy all the time. You have to make sure your team knows what you’re doing and not only play well around that yourself, but make sure that your teammates are too. I think for junglers it’s hard to tell how well they are playing because the viewer doesn’t get to see if the junglers are using their laners well or if the laners are pulling the jungler.

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For some teams it’s more the laners that are pulling and sometimes it’s the other way around. Generally you can see that in how they path and how the pressure the map. That’s the best way to describe a jungler, is how well they pressure the map, especially in the early game. 

So what’s your style? Do your laners tell you to come or do you tell them when you’re ganking?

It goes both ways for me. I don’t mind it when laners call for me but I also go the other way. As a jungler you should always have the bigger picture in mind, so it’s all about trust. As a jungler you also need to be able to trust your lanes and if they call a play, at least consider doing it. It’s sort of like a pull/push situation all the time. As I said, you can’t make everyone happy so in the end you are the guy who makes the decision. 

But at least in those situation you can just blame the laner, right?

(laughs) Sure let’s say that

Did you expect coming into this event that there would be such a big gap between the regions? Outside of Team Liquid, NA hasn’t put up much of a fight. 

Not as big as we’ve seen I think. This is a tournament where some of the things developing behind the scenes in Europe can be seen that haven’t been shown in Europe yet. It’s a tournament where you’re allowed to try new things and I don’t think the other teams are prepared for what’s hitting them. The European teams are just having fun while the NA teams are trying to pick up on all the craziness and collect themselves. Maybe after the tournament they’ll have grown, but EU definitely has the advantage with the mental game. 

Well League of Legends would definitely be described as a mental game, but it’s hard not to notice that you put time into physically lifting as well. I’m curious, if you had to make a list of “swole bros” out of all the junglers at Rift Rivals, what would the tier list be?

(laughs) Oh wow, well let’s go bottom down. I guess Xmithie and Grid aren’t that buff. And then Jankos is just a guy. So then there’s me, Broxah, Svenskeren, and Akaadian and at that point it depends on how you define “swole.” Is it just as big as possible? Or leanness?

However you define swole. 

Well I don’t want to sound cocky, but before I came here I had a pretty good physique. Now that I’ve been eating a lot it’s starting to go away. (laughs)

Yeah North America will do that to you. 

Yeah, but I’d have to say Akaadian looks pretty sick. My list would be: Broxah, Svenskeren, and then me and Akaadian. 

After the interview with Kold we had a chance to ask Broxah what he thought of the tier list. He slammed back a protein shake, turned his back to me and replied with one word, “Good,” before going to stage to smash TSM at the final game of Rift Rivals 2019.


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