FlyQuest V1per: "My Riven I’m always confident with. If it looks good, I will pick it."

Despite FlyQuest's struggles, their top laner is confident that they have what it takes.

League of Legends's Icon Brian Chang · 19 Jun 2019


Photo via Riot Games

Despite making the semifinal round last split, FlyQuest faltered out of the gate to begin the Summer Split. The team is tied with Echo Fox and 100 Thieves for last in the LCS after three weeks of games, only winning one game apiece and in danger of missing out on the playoffs entirely.

We spoke with top laner Omran "V1per" Shoura after the team’s victory over TSM in week two to discuss his signature Riven pick, what is going wrong for the team so far, and his goal for the split.

You guys just picked up your first win of the split. How does it feel?

V1per: Honestly it feels really good. I thought -- even though scrims were going really well, I thought we were going to be hardstuck zero wins. I was afraid that would happen, but I knew we’re good enough to be a top team. It’s that thought. It’s good to get it out of the way. We’re confident, we’re going to keep winning.

How confident were you feeling, going up against TSM, a team that made Finals last split?

Honestly I’m really confident against anyone right now. I got my rookie split over with, so now going into any top laner, no matter who it is, I feel good about it. I’m not scared of anyone right now. I’m just playing my game. I’m playing my style, and against TSM today I had that same feeling. I was just confident.

First few minutes I got nervous a bit, but that’s every game on stage though. Once you get the hang of it, and everything feels good, you get your confidence back.

Does that win feel a little more special for you since you were playing Riven, a champion you’re known for?

Yeah, especially since it’s our first win of the split. I’m really happy that I go to pull it out, especially versus Sona-Taric. Sona-Taric is hard to take down, and we were losing the early game but we somehow ended up winning, so I’m really happy we got our first win.

Riven’s not really a champion we see often. Why did you guys go for it today?

We actually don’t usually practice Riven. We haven’t practiced Riven at all this split. We pretty much never played it and it got nerfed not too long ago, but my Riven I’m always confident with. If it looks good, I will pick it.

In today’s situation, they blinded Pyke, which I’ve never seen before. If someone blinds Pyke, I’ll take that. It looks like a perfect Riven game for me. We had enough AP for me to go Riven, we had an AD mid, and we had enough AP around the map for me to go Riven. It just looked good, so I picked it.

On the topic of Pyke, NA top laners haven’t won with it yet. Do you think it’s NA players not knowing how to play it, or do you think it’s overhyped?

I’m one of the three losses it was played in sadly, but I think Pyke is a really really high execution champion. It’s like NA Jayce. No one could pull it off, no NA team was good at it. Everyone just sucked at it. Even now it’s still not as good. It’s just really hard to pull off -- you have to play really smart. You have to get a winning matchup, but Riven was not a winning matchup for Pyke. You need a ranged matchup like Ryze, Neeko, Jayce. These matchups, you have to snowball off them. If Pyke can’t get kills he’s not useful.

Last week TSM played a similar comp into CLG, who played a five-carry comp, just like you guys, but CLG just got rolled over. How were you able to come out ahead?

We actually kind of knew they were going to play the same comp as CLG. If Sona-Taric is up, there’s no reason not to go that comp. It’s a free win. We were confident enough to play into it, even though there were literally zero losses on Sona-Taric until today. I don’t really mind Sona-Taric honestly. They’re both squishy champs. If they don’t get ahead, if I’m playing a carry, it feels really easy to kill them.

So right now it seems top side is full of carries. Lots of teams are picking carries for top, jungle, and mid. How well does that style fit you guys?

My style is carries. I love the carry meta. Last split it was tank meta for a bit, for the beginning of it. We were actually doing pretty well, but it’s not my style. I do best when it comes to carry meta, and I just hope it keeps up. If tank meta comes, so be it. I’ll adapt because that’s what every LCS player should do, adapt to every meta, but I like the carry meta right now.

What’s your opinion on some teams picking more tank-oriented top laners?

I think tanks definitely can be good. You just can’t blind a single tank. You have to choose a tank for a counterpick. It has to only be counterpick I feel like right now in the meta, whereas before you could blind Sion, you could blind Ornn. That’s just what I think about tanks -- you cannot pick them unless it’s counterpick.

Why are they so weak then?

There are just so many counters to them. There are so many top lane champs right now -- there are too many top lane champs I’d say. Actually, too many champs in general. Every single tank in the game gets countered by another champ, another five champs. You can’t ban out enough counters to pick a tank.

Carries are more skill matchup than getting countered. Carries it comes down to whoever plays better, like whoever plays better, whoever carries better. That’s what I think, whereas tanks you can get hard-countered by your opponent a lot easier.

Week one obviously didn’t go so well for you guys. What do you think went wrong, and how did you guys adapt to come into this week?

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Week one honestly I -- our first game against C9, I felt like a lot of it was on me even though I got two solo kills on [C9 top laner Eric “Licorice” Ritchie]. It felt good, but my communication was really off a lot of the time. I worked on that this week. I just needed to work on how I want to play the game out when I have a lead, and that’s why I couldn’t carry that game. For me individually I worked on that goal, and everyone else just stepped up their gameplay. They knew they were off. They knew they had bad decisions, bad calls, bad dragon fights. This entire week we were really heavily focused on that and we came into this week prepared.

Do you think having that first week to get back into the flow of things helped you guys out?

Yeah for sure. I think first week is always the best week to lose if you want to let out the int. Let out the int and then come back, make sure you don’t make that same mistake you did.

Over the offseason, you picked up [support Kim "Wadid" Bae-in] Have you been scrimming with him on the main team?

We’ve been scrimming with Wadid here and there. He’s been sharing time with [support Juan "JayJ" Guibert], and he’s been good. We like Wadid, we like JayJ, we like them both. We’ll see what we’re going to do in the future. They’re probably going to keep sharing time in the future, but we have no idea yet. It just depends on the situation.

Obviously he’s had a lot of experience in Europe, making semifinals at Worlds with G2. How is having him on the team been for you guys?

He actually helps us a lot, like around the map gameplay. He tells us some stuff we didn’t know or some stuff we knew but couldn’t execute in game. Having him around -- even for me, top lane, he even tells me, “Your communication, you need to work on that.” My communication has been really off for top lane because I thought it was just an island, 1v1, don’t have to do anything. Just play the game, play against your opponent, but there’s actually a lot that comes down to top lane communication, so he tells me everything, like, “You need to say this,” or, “When you’re splitting, you need to tell your team,” something like that. Just simple stuff that I didn’t know, but he’s always there to back me up communication-wise.

You guys beat TSM today, but how well do you think you match up with the likes of Liquid and Cloud9?

I’d say by the end of the split we can match up well, or at least we can compete at the end of the split or from here on out. I think we can match pretty well against every team, but we’re not there yet. No one is there yet honestly. TSM isn’t there yet. They also can’t match up against the top right now, but they’ll get there. TL will get there. All the top teams should be able to get there, but right now we have a lot of problems we need to fix. Once we fix those we should be at the top.

What are some of those problems that you think are the most important for you guys?

We know the play that we want to go for, but we don’t execute it properly. We have to just play our game, play better than our opponent. Even though we’re five English-speaking players, we still have communication problems somehow. We’re definitely working on that. We’re getting there.

Do you even think there’s a top three right now, or do you think it’s a whole lot more even than last split?

I think it’s really hard to say right now, but if I was to say who’s at the top -- I think it’s really hard to predict right now. There are some teams that have been looking really good, like Golden Guardians have been looking good. I think the top five right now are a clear top five. Actually, no, I can’t say that. It’s really hard to predict who, but for sure I think the top three are still the top three. There are other teams who will compete, that can compete, and I’m predicting this split there will be more teams, like Golden Guardians, us, OpTic maybe, CLG. Any team can get up there and beat them and take their spot. I think this split is the most likely split that happens.

Is that just because players are getting more used to playing with their teams, or did something else happen over the offseason?

Everyone is getting more confident now. Everyone is adapting to stage, everyone’s adapting to everything. Everyone wants to win right now. Especially this split, everyone wants to win, everyone wants to make Worlds, so it’s going to show who really wants to make Worlds and who doesn’t care enough. Not doesn’t care enough, but who isn’t trying as hard as other teams. I think we’ll get our answer this split. We’ll get a good answer on the top teams this split.

So with Rift Rivals coming up, how do you think NA as a region matches up with EU?

I’ve been watching EU, and they look really good. I think top three NA will not match up well with top three EU. Honestly I don’t know. It’s really hard to say because EU has G2. G2 will just 1v3 these teams. Them as a team alone will take on every team in NA, but I think it’ll be interesting. NA has a chance to compete, but we’ll see.

Now that this is your second split in the LCS, what are some of the most important things you’ve learned?

I learned a lot about how to be a better teammate. I feel like I wasn’t the best teammate. I could’ve been a lot more supportive toward my team. I was supportive -- I wasn’t toxic or anything -- but I wasn’t supportive enough towards them. I learned to always have my teammates’ backs because they do the same thing for me. Just working as a team honestly helps me as a person as well, surprisingly. I’m playing the game and it helps me better myself too. I open up a lot to my teammates now, because before on my old Academy team I kept everything to myself. I didn’t really tell anything to my teammates.

Right now, if I have a problem with a teammate, I just straight up tell them, “We have a problem. Can we fix that?” The same thing with me.

So do you think that just comes with playing in the LCS, playing on this team for a while?

Yeah, I’d say so.

Last split you were pretty vocal about winning Rookie of the Split. What’s your goal for this split?

This split, my goal is to get to Worlds. That’s my one goal. Winning LCS, whatever. Obviously it’s my goal too, but I want to make Worlds. That’s my biggest goal. Then when I make Worlds, if I do, that’s when winning LCS comes. I got to take it slow. I’m just a rookie, so speaking too much ahead might become a problem. I really really want to make Worlds this year, especially for my teammates, since they want to make it just as much. They’ve been around for a really long time. They’ve all been to Worlds except me and JayJ, so I want to make sure I take me and JayJ to that experience, get to see how Worlds is.


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