LGD Gaming embroiled in League of Legends match fixing scandal

Investigation reveals scandal involved LGD management.

League of Legends's Icon Kevin Hitt · 18 Jun 2019


Photo: Courtesy of LPL

After a joint investigation by LGD Gaming and the LPL, multiple players and members of LGD Gaming's League of Legends program have been hit with suspensions or an outright ban for match-fixing allegations. LGD Gaming’s jungler Xiang “Condi” Ren-Jie has received an 18-month ban, while Fu "Fdy" Dingyuan and Tang "1ntruder" Sheng have been suspended until April 18, 2020. However, the most severe punishment levied by the LPL was a lifetime ban handed down to Song “Hesitate” Zi-Yang the manager of LGD Gaming's League of Legends division.

According to a report issued by the LPL early Tuesday morning, LGD recently learned that some players, coaches, and one member of upper management were suspected of match-fixing on various levels. After LGD conducted an internal investigation into the match-fixing allegations, the organization sent a report to the League of Legends Professional Discipline Management Team. After receiving the report, the ADMT furthered the investigation and has concluded that various members of LGD Gaming have in fact violated multiple ethics rules.

After the investigation was complete the LPL reached the following conclusions:

1. Xiang “Condi” Ren-Jie, during the 2018 LPL competition, provided information and assisted others to influence fair competition and attempted to influence the game or the outcome of the game by means of rule prohibition.

2. Song Ziyang, the manager of LOL Division, participated in misconduct that affected fair competition during 2019 and tried to use his position to influence the game or the result of the game.

3. Fu "Fdy" Dingyuan and Tang "1ntruder" Sheng participated in a 2019 period where through their misconduct affected fair competition.

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Because of the findings by the LPL, the following statement regarding punishments was issued:

According to the facts, nature, plot, etc. of the case, in accordance with the "Rules of the 2019 Season League League Professional League Competition", "Formal Rules of the 2019 League League of Legends Development League Competition", Article 11.1.1, Article 11.2.17, Article 12.1, Article 13.1 and the relevant provisions of the League of Legends Global Penalty Index, the Alliance Disciplinary Management Team made the following penalties in consideration of the confession and coordination of some of the offending personnel:
1. The LOL Division player will be given a global ban for 18 months of the game (ID: Condi), and the suspension period will end until December 18, 2020;
2. LOL Division Manager Song Ziyang is given a lifetime global ban and is not allowed to participate in all matters of League of Legends Professional League and League of Legends Development League;
3. For the LOL Division reserve team player Fu Dingyuan (ID: fdy), the global ban will be held for 10 competition months, and the suspension period will end until April 18, 2020;
4. For the LOL Division Preparatory Team Coaching Team Tang Sheng (ID: 1ntruder), the global ban will be held for 10 months. The ban will be closed until April 18, 2020.
(Note: In the LPL and LDL, due to the event Covering the 11th and 12th of each year, so for the purpose of this penalty decision, the month of the LPL and LDL is equivalent to the calendar month)
This penalty decision shall take effect from the date of publication.

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