Pink Ward appeals Twitch ban for contested usage of racial slur

"I said 'yikers.'"

League of Legends's Icon Michael Hassall · 11 Jun 2019


Screenshot via Pink Ward

Twitch is upholding a 30-day ban against Pink Ward, a popular League of Legends streamer, after he allegedly used a racial slur on-stream. The Shaco one-trick is now in the appeals process through all available channels.

The ban originates from May 17, when the above clip occurred. In the clip, Pink Ward appears to say a word that resembles a racist slur, although commenters on the video and associated Reddit thread, have claimed to hear “yikers” or “yaegers.” Pink Ward himself claims he was saying the former, in response to his duo partner saying “yikes” after one of the Shaco player’s opponents called him a “fat pig” in the in-game chat.

The clip stands in contrast to the recent ban of Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni, who was suspended for a similar incident. Unlike the footage associated with TF Blade’s ban, Pink Ward does not seem under pressure or angry, which makes the alleged outburst seem incredibly bizarre.

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TF Blade’s ban was reduced and later rescinded, although no apology or explanation was given by Twitch. Unlike TF Blade though, Pink Ward is a smaller streamer, without the clout of Team Liquid behind him.

The ban also potentially shows the double standards of Twitch’s moderation. Recently variety streamer Jaime “iGUMDROP” Horan was criticized for a clip in which her and producer and DJ Jana “JVNA” engaged in seemingly racist behavior during an IRL stream. In the clip, the pair walk past an African-American man, before JVNA warns iGUMDROP to “hold your purse.” The pair then begin running and laughing. Both the streamer and DJ have subsequently released apologies, and Twitch has taken no action concerning the incident.

In an emotional YouTube video posted in response to his ban, Pink Ward again outlines his defense, before explaining how difficult it has been to receive this ban and his efforts in appealing it.

Before his ban Pink Ward had close to 200k followers with affiliate status on Twitch, after recently returning to the platform from Facebook Live, where he’d streamed since January last year. The Shaco main is credited with popularising AP Shaco in NA, and first became notorious after a YouTube video from Albert "BoxBox" Zheng entitled “Illuminati Shaco” went viral.

Pink Ward’s suspension expires on Monday. The streamer has stated on his Twitter and YouTube that he plans to rededicate himself to building a following and obtaining partnership after his ban is over.

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