Community reacts to Auto Chess clone Teamfight Tactics

Cheers, jeers and no shortage of snark.

League of Legends's Icon Michael Hassall · 10 Jun 2019


Image via Riot Games

It’s official. League of Legends Auto Chess is a thing, and it’s called Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games confirmed the announcement today on Twitter after a reveal at E3, and the League community quickly exploded in response.

Most were incredibly excited to discover that Riot had started production on its own alternative to Dota Auto Chess. And the majority were especially eager to get their hands on the “Little Legends,” the mode’s equivalent of the Courier in Auto Chess.

But some saw this as just a just another in a long line of Riot’s lack of creativity in its game design. League of Legends was based on the original Dota mod for Warcraft 3, and Riot was founded by some of that mod’s creators. Even though Riot was clear that Auto Chess is their inspiration, people have been quick to accuse Riot of ‘copying’ Auto Chess, and the memes soon flowed.

In fact, in case you can’t follow the complicated lineage of Dota/League/Auto Chess, here’s a handy guide:

A little bit of saltiness aside, the League community seems ready to welcome Teamfight Tactics with open arms, especially given that many have already taken the plunge into playing Auto Chess.

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William "scarra" Li and Rumay “Hafu” Wang are both League streamers who have hit high rank playing Auto Chess. Both hover around high Rook ranking (the equivalent of Diamond in League), and both seem to have had the chance to play the new game mode before its announcement.

Brandon "Saintvicious" DiMarco, former League of Legends pro, coach, and caster, also weighed in on the reveal of Teamfight Tactics shortly after it’s initial reveal.

Saint is one of the highest level Dota Auto Chess players among the League of Legends community, placing 1284th in the world, with a Queen ranking, the equivalent of Grandmaster in League. His solid endorsement of the game mode is a good sign for its viability as a long term fixture.

And it looks like Riot wants Teamfight Tactics to last. UX lead for the game mode, and senior design manager at Riot Games, Ed “SapMagic” Altorfer explained that if it gets support, and people keep playing it, TFT is here to stay.

Auto Chess, like League, has sucked thousands of hours of free time from avid gamers, even if the former has only been out for less than a year. The question remains, are we all ready for this unholy union?

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