Rick Fox drags himself out of Elo hell one game at a time

League of Legends' patron saint of determination makes it way upward.

League of Legends's Icon Michael Hassall · 10 Jun 2019


Image via Echo Fox

Rick Fox, Echo Fox team owner and patron saint of those hard-stuck in Elo hell, has reached Iron II in his epic climb from the murky depths of League of Legends ranked play.

The promotion came shortly after a previous tweet in which he lamented his upcoming lane opponents, a Soraka and a Teemo, running Ignite/Teleport and Heal/Teleport respectively. However, after a hard-fought match, in which Rick obtained an unfortunate 9/17/20 score, the former NBA star was victorious.

Rick has become a source of inspiration for his fellow solo queue players, with his dauntless attitude and unmatched hustle showing why the real secret of climbing is just hard work, and playing lots and lots of games.

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As Rick climbs, so does the number of people following in his ranked endeavor. On each of his updates, the team owner receives a host of praise from the community.

The Echo Fox executive’s account currently sits at Iron II 0LP, with a 37 percent win rate, a five percent increase since our first article on the Echo Fox owner’s climb. Rick seems to be quickly burning through his demotion immunity, having played four games since his promotion, and showing that for him, the grind never ends.

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