TF Blade stream ban reduced to 7 days, Liquid Steve pushes Twitch to apologize

Twitch still claims its employees can only hear a racial slur when listening to the clip.

League of Legends's Icon Alexander Lee · 24 Apr 2019


Screenshot via TF Blade

The Twitch suspension of League of Legends streamer Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni has been reduced from 30 days to seven, according to a Twitlonger posted by the Team Liquid personality earlier today.

In the Twitlonger, TF Blade quotes an email from a Twitch representative informing him that multiple Twitch employees confirmed their belief that he used the “N-word” racial slur during a streaming session, despite his repeated claims that the word he said was actually “idiots.”

The fracas surrounding the suspension has drawn comparisons to last year’s infamous “Yanny or Laurel” meme, with many fans insisting that TF Blade’s speech had been misinterpreted due to his Iranian accent. One Twitter user pointed out that Twitch’s decision to reduce TF Blade’s ban contradicts the company’s insistence that he did indeed emit a racial slur onstream.

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The Twitch representative quoted in TF Blade’s Twitlonger gave a different explanation, citing the streamer’s good character and lack malevolent intent. “I believe you when you say you weren’t being hateful...I don’t believe you’re a hateful person, and I hate seeing my partners get suspended,” wrote the Twitch representative. “...I hope you can agree that this is still a better outcome than the original proposal.”

Despite the reduction of his suspension, TF Blade pointed out that any punishment still makes him look bad to potential sponsors. At this point, it’s likely that he will take the reduced sentence, but the truth behind the situation remains unclear. Team Liquid owner Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet has also voiced his support for TF Blade, reaching out to Twitch staff to seek an apology.

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