TF Blade suspended on Twitch for alleged racial slur

He is vehemently denying Twitch's claim.

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 24 Apr 2019


Photo via TF Blade

Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni, a popular Team Liquid streamer who consistently tops the North American ranked ladder, was suspended from Twitch today for 30 days after mods believed that they heard him use a racial slur on stream.

While this tweet was the only response that TF Blade provided on the incident, many people are rallying behind him and claiming that the word he used was “idiots”.

TF Blade is currently playing on the EUW server in hopes of accomplishing his goal of reaching rank one on multiple servers around the world. This morning he shared that he’d ranked up his account to Diamond IV, and since then he’s already reached Diamond II.

Twitch has yet to issue an official statement on the ruling, however, fans of the streamer shouldn’t fret. Since TF Blade hasn’t done anything in the past to compromise the his channel, and there seems to be evidence of his intended language present in the clip shown, he may be able to appeal the suspension.

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