Faker joined Twitter today and people are losing it

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 26 Feb 2019


As of this morning, three-time world champion Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok of SK Telecom T1 (newly renamed to T1)  has announced that he’ll now be using an official Twitter account to interact with fans.

The legendary mid laner is by far the most well-known League of Legends player in the world, but many non-Korean fans find it harder to relate to him as a personality outside of what he’s shown in interviews. To say that Western fans were excited by the announcement is a huge understatement. While the account was created January 2019, he didn’t begin using it until today, and it already has over forty-thousand followers—talk about a warm welcome.

Here are some of the best welcome tweets we could find in response to his post:

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Fans, esports organizations, and even the official LoLEsports Twitter account are all excited that Faker has finally started using Twitter, but we’re all more excited to see what he’ll share with us. While nobody knows yet if Faker’s online persona will be more reserved or he’s an “epic memer” at heart, one thing’s for sure: keyboard warriors and Reddit analysts who harp on him for bad performance may now be met with clapbacks from the Demon King himself.

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