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The Worlds 2020 event has finally arrived in League of Legends, and it brings plenty of missions and rewards, along with the always-popular return of the URF game mode. The event is currently live (as of patch 10.20) and will run through November 9. We’ve included a list of all of the free missions available in the event below. For information on the battle pass as well as the tons of extra missions you can unlock, check out our Worlds 2020 milestone missions and battle pass guide.

Worlds 2020 Watch Missions

Showing support for your favorite Worlds team pays off in really big ways. By that, we mean through Worlds Tokens and Blue Essence. Simply watching the games live on the official lolesports website can open up plenty of reward opportunities for players everywhere. This mission starts September 24 and runs until November 7. Once the Finals begin, viewers can watch from October 26 through November 9 to receive more rewards.

Mission Objective Reward
Watching Worlds (1 of 3) Watch 1 Worlds game 500 BE
Watching Worlds (2 of 3) Watch 5 Worlds game 500 BE
Watching Worlds (3 of 3) Watch 10 Worlds game 500 BE
Finals Watch Mission Watch the Worlds Final 10 Worlds Tokens


DJSona Ultimate Skin League of Legends
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Worlds 2020 Play Missions

The first set of Worlds missions have just been released, with more on the way on October 15. While the following missions already offer plenty of various rewards, Riot assures players that they will receive even better prizes in the next set of missions, including 400 Tokens, 1 event orb, 1 Eternals Capsule, and 12 Event & Worlds Icons.

Note: You only need to complete one of the three objectives on each of the following missions:

Mission 1st Option 2nd Option 3rd Option Reward
The Dragon Boss Win a Game as Sett Play 3 games as Sett Play 5 games 10 Tokens + Worlds 2020 Icon
Hunters, Back Off As a team, kill the Elder Dragon As a team, kill 7 Dragons Play 5 games 10 Tokens
Great Arrow, Great Arrow Win a game as Ashe Play 3 games as Ashe Play 5 games 10 Tokens
Conservation Effort Win a game where only your team has killed 1 or more Dragons As a team, destroy 5 structures (ARAM only) Play 5 games 10 Tokens
The Hero Win a game as Lee Sin Play 3 games as Lee Sin Play 5 games 10 Tokens
Too Fast to Handle Win a game of Pick Urf Play 3 games of Pick Urf Play 5 games 10 Tokens
The Master  Win a game as Aurelion Sol Play 3 games as Aurelion Sol Play 5 games 10 Tokens
The Dragon’s Horde Kill 115 minions or monsters (SR only) Earn 30,000 gold Play 5 games 10 Tokens
Ignition Win a game as Brand Play 3 games as Brand Play 5 games 10 Tokens
Dragonmancy Earn 25 takedowns (SR only) Earn 50 takedowns (ARAM only) Play 5 games 10 Tokens
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The beginning of the Worlds event

The return of Worlds also marks the return of the Worlds Pick’em event. Take a look at our recent Pick’em missions guide for more information and even more free rewards.

As new missions are introduced, we will have all of the information for you right here! In the meantime, keep up to date on all of the latest Worlds details on the Daily Esports League of Legends page or check out our League of Legends forum!