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League of Legends Patch 11.22 goes live tomorrow and features Arcane skins, a few champion changes, Goredrinker readjustments and an end to the 2021 season. There are no changes to runes and other items in this patch.

Ranked, Clash and Honor 2021 season end in Patch 11.22

The patch marks an end to the Summoner’s rift Ranked, Clash and Honor season. All of this will occur on the last day of LoL Patch 11.22 at 11:59 p.m. local time for all players. All regions except China will receive ranked rewards on Dec. 16 during Patch 11.23. Players from this region will get their ranked rewards in patch 11.24. Furthermore, the Clash Season will also end on the last day of LoL patch 11.22 for all regions except Garena and China.

Champion buffs

The League of Legends patch 11.22 comes with buffs on Akali, Kalista, Renekton, Riven and Varus. Riot Games increased Akali’s passive damage to help the assassin return to the meta. However, it may take more than just a passive buff before we see Akali in professional play.

Moreover, Kalista’s E damage ratio was increased as well as Renekton’s W stun and lockout duration. While Renekton has fallen out of meta and pro play, Gen.G’s Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee was still able to show the champion’s power in the semifinals against Edward Gaming. With this buff, Renekton may become popular again among pros. Additionally, Riot also increased Riven’s W base damage and E shield ratio. The nerfs to the Goredrinker impacted Riven and even though the item was buffed, she still has not recovered.

Champion nerfs

Patch 11.22 also comes with nerfs to popular champions like Graves, Maokai, Yuumi and Kha’Zix. Graves continuous dominance on the Rift has led Riot Games to reduce his passive damage. Moreover, Kha’Zix Q damage ratio has been reduced for the first time this season. The champion has become quite popular in the jungle with his damage output. Maokai’s passive as well his W base damage is also nerfed. Lastly, Riot also nerfed Yuumi’s E heal and move speed ratio. This change is to reduce Yuumi’s late-game power and increase her activeness in the lane.

New skins in LoL patch 11.22

The new skins to be released on Nov. 4 are:

  • Victorious Blitzcrank
  • Arcane Jayce
  • Arcane Vi

LoL patch 11.22 will be live on Nov. 3, according to the official patch schedule.