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League of Legends Patch 11.17 comes with many changes, including the introduction of pricing updates, along with Crime City and Phoenix skins. This patch focuses on making players solo queue experience better with little adjustments to certain champions. There are also nerfs to Divine Sunderer, Serpent’s Fang and Wit’s End.

Crime City and Pheonix skins in LoL Patch 11.17

Divine Phoenix Anivia LoL Patch 11.17
Divine Phoenix Anivia.| Provided by Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 11.17 will include Crime City Nightmare and Pheonix skins for eight champions. The Crime City Nightmare skins appear scary with champions covered in dark, red and purple hues. Champions who will get this skin include Akali, Shaco, Twisted Fate, Darius and Zyra.

Furthermore, the Phoenix skins are a new innovation from Riot Games. Compared to Crime City Nightmare skins, they have very bright colors and the champions look majestic. Xayah, Anivia and Seraphine are the three champions that will get the Pheonix cosmetics. The Pheonix skins will be available on Sept. 2 while players can purchase Crime City skins on Aug. 26. All skin prices should not cost more than 1350 RP.

RP pricing update in certain regions

The patch will introduces RP pricing changes for Brazil, Latin America, Turkey and Russia. Players from these regions will see an increase in prices from Sept. 8 onward due to tax changes and exchange rates. However before this takes effect, Riot will allow these players to receive double bonus currency from all RP purchases.

Champion buffs in LoL Patch 11.17

The champions on the buff list in Patch 11.17 include Ekko, Evelynn, Lissandra, Nami, Senna, Teemo and Xayah. The buffs to these champions are mainly centered around the power of their ability damage and base HP.

Ekko’s Passive damage among monsters has been increased from 150% to 200%. This increase in Ekko’s passive is to improve the champion’s clear speed in the jungle. Moreover, Evelynn’s ultimate, Last Caress, cooldown was decreased to enable her to find chances to create leads. Senna had her critical strike damage and soul drop rate increased, giving her more souls on minion kills and better synergy with damage items. This buff will enable Senna to become a more powerful farming carry.

Also, Xayah and Teemo both had skill powers increased. Xayah’s Q, Double Daggers, cast time now decreases with attack speed and her ultimate’s damage is increased. Xayah has continued to go through a series of buffs in recent LoL patches but she still finds little favor in professional play.

Champion nerfs

For League of Legends Patch 11.17, Graves, Irelia, Kayn, Leona, Viego and Zed are nerfed. Viego’s nerfs do not come as a surprise giving his success in pro play. His attack range and base healing possession were reduced. Also, Leona’s W bonus resistance was decreased to make her easier to kill in team fights. Graves Q, End of the Line, mana cost was increased to 80 nerfing his ability to control lane priority.

Meanwhile, Irelia’s Q, Bladesurge, healing was decreased to make her more vulnerable when she makes mistakes and nerfs her Ionian blade. Kayn’s Passive bonus magic damage will be decreased. And Zed’s Q, Razor Shuriken, bonus attack damage will now be 110%  but Riot have decreased his ultimate and E, Shadow Slash, damage to compensate.

Void Clash dates

The void themed clash will be available in League of Legends Patch 11.17 in September. The first weekend will be from Sept. 4 to 5. However, players can begin forming teams on Aug. 30. For the second weekend, team formation slot open on Sept. 13 with the event going from Sept. 18 to 19.

Additionally, Akshan, Amumu, Gangplank and Lucian will receive adjustments in LoL Patch 11.17.  The patch will also contain upgrades to the League client, Fleet Footwork and new system requirements. All players on Mac OS are now required to run League of Legends on the 10.12 version or higher.

The LoL Patch 11.17 will be available on live servers on Wednesday.