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League of Legends patch 10.11 is on its way, and some Twitter users got a sneak peek on what’s coming. This patch includes Volibear’s release, as well as some big champion nerfs and buffs. Additionally, Lead Gameplay Designer Mark Yetter shared some upcoming lane changes and more for 10.11 and 10.12. The next patch will release on May 28.

A rough version of the upcoming patch notes was revealed Monday evening, and it contains some big changes. The first big update introduces Volibear on the live servers. His recent rework has taken months to complete, and it includes a visual update along with some ability changes as well. After a few days on PBE for, the gameplay team at Riot Games has received plenty of feedback on improving Volibear to release him on live servers.

Changes to AD Carry items

The patch notes description begins with a “Bot position power” section. This part details some changes coming to a few important items to bot laners. The items go as follow:

  • Zeal: Currently offers a unique +5% Movement Speed (MS)
  • Phantom Dancer: Currently offers +5% MS
  • Runaan’s Hurricane: Currently offers +7% MS
  • Rapid Fire Cannon: Currently offers +5% MS
  • Statikk Shiv: Currently offers +5% MS

HP buffs and lane changes

Additionally, some League of Legends champions are receiving Base HP buffs. Some of these champions are Aphelios, Ashe, Caitlyn, Draven, and more. Others received Scaling Buffs, such as Lucian, Kalista, Vayne, and Tristana.

Yetter also explained some details on future updates to bot and mid lane. “We think that the core pain point bot lane players are having isn’t a lack of damage, but survivability and self-reliance.” Besides fixing movement speed, the team hopes to fix Health stats as well. Yetter states this will help players dodge spells and survive longer in lane. The team is currently testing a few updates, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. Yetter plans to release a more detailed list of changes soon.

Champion nerfs

A few champions have been included in this patch’s nerfs. These champions are:

  • Graves: Currently 51% win rate, strongest in Elite
  • Janna: Currently 51% win rate, strongest in Skilled
  • Talon: Currently 52% win rate, strongest in Skilled
  • Syndra: Currently 50% win rate, strongest in Elite, and Professional

There are no details yet as to how these champions will be nerfed. Syndra’s last nerf was in Patch 8.9, where her mana growth dropped from 60 to 30. After that, she received plenty of buffs to made her a strong champion in the mid lane. Janna received her last nerf almost exactly one year ago, reducing her base damage.

Champion buffs

Alongside nerfs come new buffs, and there’s a handful of champions that might intimidate other lanes with these updates. These champions are:

  • Fiddlesticks: Currently 51% win rate
  • Lux: Currently 48% win rate
  • Gangplank: Currently 48% win rate
  • Hecarim: Currently 49% win rate
  • Kai’Sa: Currently 47% win rate

Fiddlesticks receiving a buff is not too surprising, as his rework came out not too long ago. Usually, when a champion is released, they go through a variety of changes over time. Otherwise, we’re also unsure of what kind of buff Lux may receive. Her previous buff was in patch 10.4, where Riot increased her base damage and reduced her cooldown timer.

What do you think of patch 10.11? Let us know in the comments below. Stick with Daily Esports for more updates on League of Legends‘ upcoming patch notes and more.

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