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After Riot Games restructured event missions, point gains and token rewards for Debonair 2021, the company discovered that players are earning fewer tokens than usual. To compensate for the nerf in token gains, Riot is adding a bonus Debonair mission that will drop this week.

Players receiving fewer tokens under new event points system

On Dec. 3, Riot announced a slew of changes to the way missions, points and token rewards work in League of Legends pass events. Instead of rewarding pass owners with a certain number of tokens after every game, or a certain number of activity points towards their milestones and weekly win missions, the company decided to pivot to a new system that gave “objective points” for every minute of gameplay.

After the changes, players would earn four points per minute played in a loss and six points per minute played in a win. This point ratio applied to all Summoner’s Rift, ARAM and event mode games. Points were halved in Teamfight Tactics matches and reduced even further for bot games (Co-op vs. AI).

The new system aimed to put Summoner’s Rift as well as the variety queues on an even level. At the same time, Riot wanted to reduce the impact of TFT games on League of Legends battle passes. Riot also intended for the new system to bring uniformity to point payouts. Whereas under the old system a 15-minute Summoner’s Rift stomp gave the same number of tokens as a 50-minute grind-fest, the new system aimed to balance everything out.

What Riot underestimated, and what was one of the biggest community complaints as a result, was how much players would be affected by a mission system where points don’t rollover. Under the new system, a player could be at 389/400 points toward a token bank mission, play a 40-minute ranked win (which should award 240 objective points) and only receive credit for those 11 remaining points. They then needed to start over with the next token bank mission.

Riot announces bonus Debonair mission, changes to point system

In response to the pitfalls of the new points system and the effect it had on the Debonair 2021 event, Riot announced several changes.

The first is a new one-time bonus Debonair mission for all event pass owners to complete. The mission will reward players with a free Debonair loot orb as well as 150 event tokens. To complete the mission, players will simply need to play one game.

Furthermore, Riot has also announced adjustments for the next event pass. First, the free orb, milestone and weekly win missions will have their points requirements reduced anywhere from 15 to 40%. Second, the repeatable, token bank mission is going on hiatus; the next event will revert to the per-game token reward system that players are familiar with. These changes will apparently last until Riot figures out a way to fix the rollover problem.

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