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FlyQuest’s League of Legends top laner Omran “V1per” Shoura recently shocked his fans with a very interesting tweet. In it, he declared his 12-year-old brother just hit Challenger on the North American server. What is more, he did it playing mostly Riven, clearly following in his brother’s footsteps. However, this also caused many to doubt his actual skill and sparked some speculations about boosting.

Looking at Little V1per’s (yup, that’s what we’ll call him) op.gg profile reveals a lot about his journey. As previously mentioned, Little V1per played nearly 700 games on Riven in season 9. While his main role seems to be top lane, his off role is most likely support. He has over 200 games played on Thresh, with a decent number of games on Alistar as well. His commitment is also shown by the total number of games he has played in this season. Little V1per played 1281 solo games on the account at the time of writing this article. The season started January 23, so 1281 games amounts to roughly 8 a day, which is seriously impressive for a kid.

Little V1per started his journey in Gold IV but reached Diamond IV as early as February. He then reached Grandmaster in the next two months and finally hit Challenger a few days ago. Unfortunately, he has since demoted back to Grandmaster, but we’re certain he’ll be back in Challenger in no time.

Boosting allegations

Since his brother is a professional League of Legends player, speculations about Little V1per being boosted surfaced shortly after the tweet was made. With him being a Riven player just like his brother, many suspected his older brother might have boosted him to Challenger. However, this is highly unlikely due to numerous reasons.

Firstly, boosting is strictly against the League of Legends rules, which is especially true for professional players. It’s unlikely V1per would have risked his whole career just to help his little brother reach Challenger. Secondly, V1per wouldn’t have time to play on a lower ranked account in an already hectic LCS practice schedule. Some might say it is practice if he plays on his brother’s account, but the level of competition at his rank is much lower than it is in high Challenger. Lastly, people always seem jealous of the success of others. Some friends of V1per even commented on the tweet, saying they played versus his brother and were very impressed.

The fact that a kid at the age of twelve could reach Challenger is astonishing, to say the least, and we should be happy for him. Who knows? If he keeps improving and follows in his brother’s footsteps, we might see both Shoura brothers in the LCS someday.

Do you think Little V1per can reach the heights his brother reached? Can he ever become Rank 1? Let us know in the comments below.

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