LOL European Regional Leagues power rankings for March 2
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Provided by Romain Bigeard

LOL European Regional Leagues power rankings for March 2

FNC TQ, Karmine Corp and LDLC OL lead this list

Trying to keep abreast of the many European Regional Leagues, and the top performing players in Europe, can feel impossible at times. And, on certain days, some of those leagues even run simultaneously. So, Brieuc “Wooloo” Seeger and I asked the opinion of a dozen anonymous professionals working in ERLs about their top 10 best ERL teams.

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To get an idea of what could happen in the EU Masters and which teams you should follow closely, here are our power rankings for March 2.

1. Fnatic TQ, Superliga

Record (14-1)
Óscar “Oscarinin” Muñoz Jiménez
Magnus “Maxi” Kristensen
João Miguel “Baca” Novais
Louis “BEAN” Schmitz
Rúben “rhuckz” Barbosa
Coach: Gonçalo “Crusher” Brandão

Here we are at No. 1 on the list, in what in our opinion is the best team in the ERL. Fnatic TQ have shown a great superiority in the Spanish Superliga of League of Legends.

The orange academy reached the final of the EU Masters 2021 and lost against Karmine Corp 2-3. This season, improvements were made in the top and mid but the main core of the team was maintained.

With a superlative Oscarinin candidate for MVP of the Spanish league, a rhuckz that keeps improving year after year being the leader of this great team, Maxi as one of the best junglers outside LEC, Baca coming from the best UCAM ever seen and BEAN from competing in the League of Legends World Championship 2021 with the first team of Fnatic, they managed to get undefeated to secure the first place of regular season. After this, they were defeated by BISONS ECLUB.

FnaticTQ come in as our favorite of all ERL leagues.

2. Karmine corp, LFL

Record (9-5)
Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet
Doğukan “113” Balcı
Lucas “Saken”Fayard
Martin “Rekkles” Larsson
Jules “Hantera” Bourgeois
Coach: Yanis “Striker” Kella

Karmine Corp are undoubtedly clear candidates to win it all. Standing alone in third place of the LFL, it seems that the French team has found its way to victory.

Karmine Corp were one of the most talked about teams in the offseason. After winning all the competitions in 2021, both the French league and the EU masters, three of their players went to play in the LEC. They only remained the mid and top, which also had great interest in them in the top European competition.

They were replaced by some of the best players available in the ERL, including Rekkles, one of the star moves in the offseason who left the LEC to join Karmine Corp.

While their record is 9-5, Karmine Corp are sitting at a 7-1 record in the past weeks. Considering their recent performances, they are one of the strongest ERL teams.


Record (10-4)
Onurcan “Ragner” Aslan
Martin “Yike” Sundelin
Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire
Thomas “Exakick” Foucou
Mads “Doss” Schwartz
Coach: Quentin “Zeph” Viguié

After the LDLC OL team did not find places at the top of the French League standings in 2021, the French organization seems to have found its lineup to now reach the top of Europe.

Tied for first place with Vitality Academy, one of the strongest regional leagues in Europe, LDLC OL are favorites to do well in international competitions.

Exakick is playing at an incredible level, Ragner is placing himself as one of the best top players in Europe, and many experts commented that mid laner Eika and support Doss are clear candidates to be one of the best in ERL. Yike, the 21-year-old jungler, is placed as a great promise of the European LOL, along with 113 from Karmine Corp.

4. Vitality Bee, LFL

Record (10-4)
Mathias “Szygenda”Jensen
Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet
Dimitri “Diplex” Ponomarev
Jesper “Jeskla” Klarin Strömberg
Jakub “Jactroll” Skurzyński
Coach: Andrei “Realistik” Ruse

5. Barça eSports, Superliga

Record (11-4)
Jakub “Dreedy” Viceník
Dimitar “LeBron” Kostadinov
Mihail “Twohoyrz” Petkov
Matthew “Deadly” Smith
Luca Santos “Lucky” Fontinha
Coach: Alejandro “Mapache” Parejo

6. BDS Academy, LFL

Record (8-6)
Tobiasz “Agresivoo” Ciba
Théo “Sheo” Borile
Francisco José “Xico” Cruz
Juš “Crownshot” Marušič
Robert “Erdote” Nowak
Coach: Franck “Ilios” De Sousa

7. AGO Rogue, Ultraliga

Record (13-2)
Jakub “Sinmivak” Rucki
Jochem “Rabble” van Graafeiland
Ardian “Nite” Spahiu
Damian “Lucker” Konefał
Leon “Leon” Maximilian Anton
Coach: Marcus “Blumigan” Blom

8. X7, NLC

Record (14-1)
Lennart “Jaeger” Warkus
Kang “Haru” Min-seung
Kang “Tempt” Myung-gu
Nataniel “Nata” Fikrisellasie
Raymond “kaSing” Tsang
Coach: Nias “Nias” Vanwalleghem


Record (12-3)
Felix “Kryze” Hellström
Daniel “Dan” Hockley
Jang “EMENES” Min-soo
Dominik “Zamulek” Biela
Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek
Coach: Paweł “Torok” Szabla

10. Misfits Premier, LFL

Record (8-6)
Joel “Irrelevant” Miro Scharoll
Kristian “TynX” Østergaard Hansen
Mateusz “Czajek” Czajka
Paweł “Woolite” Pruski
Oskar “Vander” Bogdan
Coach: Paweł “Delord” Szabla