LGD mid laner Jay accused of match fixing after leaked messages surface
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LGD is mired in another match fixing scandal. | Provided by LGD

LGD mid laner Jay accused of match fixing after leaked messages surface

LGD conducting internal investigation after informing disciplinary committee

LGD’s mid laner, Chen “Jay” Bo is under investigation after Weibo screenshots showed him allegedly taking money to throw games in an apparent match-fixing scandal, according to Korizon Esports reporter Kevin Kim. In addition, LGD have informed the LPL Disciplinary Committee of the matter.

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Jay brings more match-fixing to LPL

The specific allegations against Jay were made by a fresh Weibo account, username 6199419983, which has only posted screenshots of Jay discussing throwing games against BLG on March 20 and another unidentified game against Top Esports.

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Translated screenshots of Jay’s alleged match-fixing dealings by @sgbrosw_OW. | Provided by Dexerto

According to Dexerto’s translations, the screenshots show discussions between Jay and another unidentified party regarding Champion picks and a plan to throw a fight at Rift Herald in a game against Top Esports. Furthermore, the two discuss compensation for the alleged match-fixing, which would be paid out after the BLG series. One message from the unspecified party asks Jay “How much do you want for the 20th?”, potentially referencing fees for throwing the match versus BLG.

While unnamed, the screenshots also potentially implicate another member of LGD, as Jay mentions getting help with throwing the match from a teammate.

LGD has one of the worst records in the LPL this spring split, with a 3-13 record going into the summer. The nine-man roster includes former LEC jungler Zhiqiang “shad0w” Zhao along with several rookies.

This is also far from the first time the LPL has faced such a controversy. Just last year, the disciplinary committee banned 38 LPL and League of Legends Development League players after discovering multiple instances of match-fixing between 2020 and 2021. The two-month investigation by the LPL led to many player bans and fines, hinting at Jay’s potential punishment should he be found guilty of committing the same rule violations.

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