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LGD Gaming has officially announced Han “Peanut” Wang-ho as a free agent, making the League of Legends veteran open for opportunities. As a player who’s been a part of the professional scene since 2014, he has an impressive track history that includes winning several Splits, attending Worlds, and playing for top-tier teams. With Peanut now a free agent, there may be a few teams showing interest in him, but there’s nothing official as of yet.

LGD Gaming says goodbye to Peanut

The LPL teams are going through some major changes during the free agency period, and LGD Gaming is one of them. They participated in this year’s World Championship but failed to make it past the Group stage. Unfortunately for LGD’s members, it seems that they’re now going to have to find a new home for the upcoming season.

LGD announced Peanut’s free agency today through its Weibo profile. The announcement states that Peanut agreed to have his contract terminated. Additionally, the letter contains other information about Peanut’s professional League of Legends history. They mentioned that his five plus years of being in the competitive scene carry many highlights, and that “he is always making attempts and striving for his future.” Several LPL journalists also shared the news on Twitter.

A change in the LPL

Additionally, Peanuts’ teammates are also leaving due to expiring contracts. LGD’s former players Xie “Langx” Zhen-Ying, Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun, and Guo “Lies” Hao-Tian are now looking for opportunities.

At the moment, the most notable change in the LPL is the removal of Suning’s Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh. The support player is currently in talks with TSM, but the deal might not go through due to visa and immigration issues. SwordArt’s move from the LPL to the LCS in North America is a big deal, as he’s considered one of China’s best supports.

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