LFL SuperFantasy reveals new Misfits Premier top laner Kackos
Misfits Premier Kackos

LFL SuperFantasy reveals new Misfits Premier top laner Kackos

Upcomer sources confirmed Kackos will be the starter from Week 3 onward

Following his appearance on the Misfits Premier roster in LFL SuperFantasy on Tuesday, sources confirmed to Upcomer that top laner Krzysztof “Kackos” Kubziakowski will play for the team this summer.

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The former MAD Lions Madrid player’s joining Misfits Premier had not previously been announced. This news follows the departure of former Misfits Premier top laner Shin “HiRit” Tae-min, who was initially going to play for Misfits Premier after offseason changes.

Joel “Irrelevant” Miro Scharoll moved up to the Misfits main team in the League European Championship for the summer split. However, due to HiRit’s unexpected late departure of the team, Irrelevant played in the first two weeks of the LFL split with Misfits Premier. Luckily for him, the League of Legends European Championship is only starting this week, so he won’t have to play both competitions at the same time. Kackos will be the top laner for Misfits Premier in the LFL starting their third week of competition.

With Kackos joining the roster, Misfits now have four starting Polish players in the LFL. However, this might just be a fun coincidence as the organization tried and considered several top laners to fill in their missing spot.

While Kackos hasn’t played professionally in 2022, he is a known name for some European Regional League fans. In 2021, the top laner qualified for the Spring split’s European Master with his team K1. He then joined MAD Lions Madrid for the summer split. With MAD, Kackos reaching playoffs in the Superliga but didn’t make it further.

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