Lessons learned from Week 7 of the LCS 2022 spring split
LCS Week 7 player of the week Tactical TSM
LCS Week 7 player of the week Tactical TSM | Provided by Riot Games

Lessons learned from Week 7 of the LCS 2022 spring split

TSM trends upwards, C9 and TL trip up and the middle of the pack is whack.

Week 7 of the League of Legends Championship Series was one filled with upsets and people being upset. With a ton of movement in the standings here are the lessons we learned from the events that transpired in Week 7 of the LCS 2022 spring split.

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Too little too late for TSM in the LCs spring split

Sitting in the basement of the LCS standings, TSM got even more bad news to their already horrible season when coach Peter Zhang was hastily let go due to “very serious allegations.” However, when the games started the team channeled together positive energy and with it, some positive numbers towards their low win count.

In the biggest upset of the year so far, TSM managed to take down the first place Cloud9 squad in convincing fashion, led by the carry combo of Mingyi “Spica” Lu and Edward “Tactical” Ra. But TSM weren’t done with just the lone win. For the first time all split, TSM managed to pull off a 2-0 week when they defeated the freefalling Immortals squad.

Unfortunately, the 2-0 week is just way too late in the season. Even with the incredible week, TSM are still in last place in the standings. Technically, they have not been eliminated from playoffs contention, but since they are sitting three games out of sixth place with three to play, they need literally everything to go their way to pull it off.

Eyes should be on 100 Thieves

As for a team safely in the playoff picture, 100 Thieves have been quiet all split. With all the attention on Cloud9 and Team Liquid, 100 Thieves have been the stable third wheel, but people need to start taking them seriously. Cloud9 and Team Liquid had off weeks in Week 7 as both teams dropped games in rare occurrences. But 100T had yet another clean week. They did square off against Immortals and Evil Geniuses, two teams that are struggling to put things together, but 100T are now owners of a five-game win streak, the largest win streak currently in the LCS.

The 2-0 week puts them at 10-5 and they are only one game out of the second seed heading into playoffs. With three games left for 100T, and with a match against C9 on the schedule, it’s not out of the question that they could be the number one team heading into playoffs if they continue to ride this momentum.

Everyone in the middle of the LCS is a mess

Outside the top three teams, everyone else in playoff contention has been streaky at best all split. The revolving door of fourth-place teams continued in Week 7. Heading into the week it was Dignitas who held onto the fourth seed. But after an 0-2 week, they dropped it with FlyQuest coming for the pick up once again. Behind those two teams are Evil Geniuses who haven’t had a clean undefeated week for literally the entire split. The other is Golden Guardians. That team has either gone 0-2 or 2-0 with nothing in between for the past few weeks.

The current leader of the pack is FlyQuest. But with only one game separating fourth from seventh, a poor performance in the three-game Superweek to end the regular season can end any of the middle-of-the-pack team’s season. Buckle up.

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