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Editor’s note: This post was updated on April 26 to provide the cinematic trailer for Guardians of the Ancient.

Riot Games has released a new cinematic trailer for Guardians of the Ancient, an upcoming expansion to Legends of Runeterra. This new expansion comes after the Empires of the Ascended, which introduced 110 cards and nine champions, as well as an entire new region.

Although the Guardians of the Ancient expansion has less cards and champions than its predecessor, there is still a lot to look forward to. The Guardians of the Ancient expansion features 42 new collectible cards, three additional champions and some new mechanics.

Moreover, the expansion also adds new boards, guardians and emotes. Riot will also include new card backs showing the expansion’s latest champions. The Guardians of the Ancient will be available on all platforms from May 5.

More details on LoR’s Guardians of the Ancient Expansion

A new cinematic trailer begins with a monologue from Zilean, describing what he sees. Through Zilean’s eyes, Irelia is seen witnessing the horrors that happened to her people. She watches on as steel-helmed soldiers kill her people and take over the area.

However, Zilean then says that the fate of the oppressed is in their own hands. In his words “fate is also an illusion; should you find yourself in despair, the solution is simple, pick another fate.”

All of this alludes to the new mechanics coming with the Guardians of the Ancient expansion, which Riot says can completely alter the flow of a match. Players will get to determine the flow of a game, as there is always another option to choose with this expansion.

The cinematic trailer continues with the arrival of Malphite towering over the soldiers. Towards the end, Irelia takes her fate into her own hands, as she heads into the river to fight the soldiers.

From the trailer, Irelia, Zilean and Malphite look to be the three new champions arriving with the Guardians of the Ancient expansion for Legends of Runeterra.

More information on the rest of the expansion will soon be announced by Riot Games.