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LEC Week 2 is over, and the next week is near. Before the start of Week 3, we will take a look at how each team did. They will then be assigned a grade and ranked.

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G2 Esports

Week 2, Round 2, G2.

LEC Week 2 Record: 2-0 (4-0 Overall)

What can be said about G2 that hasn’t been beaten to death? They swept LEC Week 2 just as they did with Week 1. Were the games squeaky clean? Hell no. Were G2 still dominant? Absolutely. G2 beat SK through superior mid game play and objective control. Then came Vitality — G2 literally troll drafted and still thrashed the black and gold. They had Pyke ADC and Yorick top.

Grade: A-

G2 simply destroyed the competition down the stretch. The early game against SK was flawed, for sure, but they still closed it out through being the better team. Still, that sign of faltering knocked them down to an A-. Next week will be G2’s biggest challenge yet: Fnatic. G2 also play against an improving Rogue squad, but the boys in blue don’t really have a chance against the champs.


LEC Week 2
Falling behind the competition.

LEC Week 2 Record: 1-1 (2-2 Overall)

Origen had a very mixed bag of a week. A convincing loss to Fnatic was a less than ideal start to LEC Week 2. While they were able to control Misfits the next day, the Fnatic loss is not a good sign. Fnatic is a team Origen must beat if they want to prove themselves as a legitimate threat to the G2 machine. Losing a game where you were up in gold but behind in tempo nearly all game isn’t the way to do it.

Grade: C

Losing to G2 in this fashion is one thing; Fnatic is another. Despite beating them in Spring, Origen’s number was had by Fnatic from the get go. Misfits should be a win in the manner it was, no matter what happened the previous day. Now sitting at .500, Origen takes on two of the other 2-2 teams in Week 3: Schalke and Splyce.


LEC Week 2
Fnatic Rising.

LEC Week 2 Record: 2-0 (4-0 Overall)

Fnatic went into LEC Week 2 and got the job done. They had control over the Origen game for the majority of the game, despite not always having the gold lead. To continue their abuse on the color blue, they ran through Schalke in an objectively perfect game. There isn’t much to say about Fnatic other than they look like the second best team in Europe at a minimum.

Grade: A+

Fnatic did what they needed to do in LEC Week 2. They came into the studio and swept the competition. There isn’t much more that can be said. The orange and black were convincing in their wins and showed little weakness. They will need it in Week 3 as they face the best and worst teams in the league: G2 and Excel.


These are not the eyes of content.

LEC Week 2 Record: 1-1 (2-2 Overall)

The league has completely divided after LEC Week 2, and Splyce is stuck in the middle with 5 other teams. They beat Excel just like everyone else in the league, but that Schalke game was ugly. Humanoid is one of Splyce’s more consistent performers, but he was non-existent against the German club to the tune of 1/8/5.

Grade: C-

Splyce have nothing to be proud of after Week 2. They beat the worst team in the league before getting blasted by a primary rival. On paper, the Schalke game seems a lot closer than it really was. Splyce can’t expect to make it anywhere in Summer going 1-1 like this. Given that the emerging Rogue and pissed off Origen are slated against them in Week 3, things could turn sour for the snakes of Splyce.

SK Gaming

LEC Week 2
SK were OK.

Week 2 Record: 1-1 (2-2 Overall)

Unlike some contemporaries, SK going 1-1 in LEC Week 2 was a good thing. The loss was to G2, and the win was against a 2-1 Rogue on the rise. They actually won the early game against G2 and exhibited objective control to the nth degree against Rogue. Overall, SK had what can be called a solid week.

Grade: B+

Of the 2-2 teams, SK is likely in the second best spot after Origen. They just performed admirably against the seemingly invincible G2 and took down the new Rogue. SK also have one of the easier schedules possible next week, with Misfits and the winless Vitality awaiting them. They could establish themselves with a 2-0.

Schalke 04

Blue and white but not black and blue.

LEC Week 2 Record: 1-1 (2-2 Overall)

Schalke surprised in LEC Week 2. While Saturday saw them get clapped by Fnatic, Friday’s game against Spylce went better than predicted. Abbedagge, who normally performs terribly against Humanoid, bodied his Czech opponent throughout the game. Trick and Upset were firing on all cylinders, and the team showed promise that disappeared mid way through Spring.

Grade: B-

While Schalke lose points for getting objectively perfect-gamed by Fnatic, the Splyce win put them a bit higher than other teams. If an Upset Trick Abbedage synergy can form, the team could sneak into playoffs. Origin and the Misfits are their opponents for Week 3, so they will need to keep it up or lose control of their destiny.


LEC Week 2
Maxlore might be on the bench for a while.

LEC Week 2 Record: 1-1 (2-2 Overall)

Misfits started LEC Week 2 with a gamble in mind. They brought in Kirei over their franchise jungler Maxlore, and the experiment seemed to work out well. He performed well in the face of Excel and Origen, even if the latter game was a loss. Febiven was the primary weakness in that game, having the most deaths on Misfits.

Grade: B-

This would be a B if not for Febiven’s play against Origen. Putting in Kirei makes Misfits look like a team with agency, something Maxlore never brought. No one expected them to beat Origen in the first place, so the loss doesn’t look too bad. A Week 3 against Schalke and SK could establish them as potential playoff contenders.


The glue factory called. Jizuke…it’s time.

LEC Week 2 Record: 0-2 (0-4 Overall)

There are bad weeks, and then there is Vitality in LEC Week 2. If not for Excel, they would be the European punch line. The Rogue game was a disaster, with one of the biggest botched dives this season. The G2 game was a downright embarrassment. The champs didn’t even feel Vitality was worthy of a legitimate draft. You know what’s the sad part? G2 were right, as they dominated Vitality with that composition.

Grade: F

I don’t care if it is G2 you lost to. Having an error-filled game followed by a loss to a troll composition should not happen to a team that was expected to make playoffs. There is zero reason or excuse for this steaming pile of crap Vitality has put forth. SK and Excel are on the cards for Week 3, meaning one of them will HAVE to get a win.


They have as many wins as they did in all of Spring!

LEC Week 2 Record: 1-1 (2-2 Overall)

The caption says it all. Rogue have equaled their win total from Spring! Insert applause. They took down Vitality in convincing fashion before getting out-macroed by SK Gaming. The loss isn’t too bad a thing for a team still trying to come together and not suck like in Spring. They aren’t the worst anymore, and that is a feat in and of itself.

Grade: B

Rogue are in a good spot now, but a week from hell is their upcoming story. Week 3 has them square up against G2 and Splyce. It will likely be a 0-2 week for Aoki’s gang, but it will also be the first real test for them.


There are good teams, there are bad teams, and there are fifty feet of crap teams. Then there’s Excel.

LEC Week 2 Record: 0-2 (0-4 Overall)

This team finds new ways to disappoint me. They got six kills and three objectives all weekend. Excel average less than a kill per every four deaths. It is ludicrous how bad this team really is. Mickey joining might have actually made this roster WORSE, because he is doing as poorly as KaSing and Caedrel! I have zero hope for this team.

Grade: G-

Yes. You read that correctly. This team doesn’t even merit an F. They don’t even merit a flat G, so they get a G-. I don’t want to really even talk about this dumpster fire anymore. For Week 3, they face Fnatic, who should Goomba stomp them, and Vitality. The latter should STILL beat them; that is how bad this team really is.

Power Rankings after Week 2

  1. G2 (4-0)
  2. Fnatic (4-0) +1
  3. Origen (2-2) –1
  4. SK Gaming (2-2) +1
  5. Schalke 04 (2-2) +1
  6. Splyce (2-2) -2
  7. Misfits (2-2)
  8. Rogue (2-2) +1
  9. Vitality (0-4) -1
  10. Excel (0-4)

The rankings this week are pretty straightforward. Tune back in to Daily Esports after Week 3 for more LEC developments.