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Schalke have destroyed Excel in a must-win game to secure the last LEC Playoff Spot for the Spring Split. There was a lot on the line as three spots for the LEC Playoffs were still up for grabs. Although Vitality was already out of playoff contention, they held the fates of both SK Gaming and Fnatic in their hands.

Vitality’s win shattered Misfit’s hopes at a miracle playoff run and instantly eliminated them from contention. It also locked in Fnatic and SK for the post season, leaving just one spot for Excel and Schalke to fight over. Excel had earlier stunned everyone with a win over G2 and Rogue but needed to win over Schalke today.

Excel vs Schalke: A game for the last Playoffs spot

Excel had earlier stunned everyone with a win over G2 and Rogue but needed to win over Schalke today.

Schalke came in with a Nocturne mid and Karthus jungle surprise in drafts. Although the Nocturne mid is gaining popularity in solo queue and LPL, it is not popular in LEC pro play. It was also the first-ever Nocturne and Karthus picks in the LEC this year. Overall, Schalke’s composition prioritized champions with more global ultimates and this decision paid off.

Furthermore, Schalke started off the game in a dominant position and was six kills to zero in 20 minutes. Even though Excel got some kills and dragons, it did not matter as Schalke already had a 5,000 gold lead at 25 minutes.

Excel made one last brave push to secure the second baron of the game. However, this move led to their downfall as Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik led a split push into their base. Felix “Abbedagge” Braun teleported to Excel’s base to join Broken Blade in ending the game. Schalke’s duo dismantled Excel’s Nexus and their dreams of a first time playoff qualification.

LEC Playoffs Teams set

With Schalke securing the last spot for Playoffs, all teams in the 2021 Spring Playoffs are now confirmed. They include G2 Esports, Rogue, Mad Lions, SK Gaming, Fnatic and Schalke. All Playoff matches will take place in the LEC studio. The exact seedings will be confirmed at the end of the final games for today.

The playoff tournament will determine which one of these six teams represent Europe at MSI. Although G2 is the favorite to win, nothing is ever guaranteed in the LEC Playoffs.