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The League of Legend European Championship has announced the return of its players to it’s studio in Berlin. After spring playoffs, the LEC returned to the remote format for the regular summer split. Now, players are set to compete in the LEC studio starting from Week 5. The decision to bring players back on stage is due to the improvement of the coronavirus pandemic situation in Berlin.

In a statement released, Riot Games said the “decision to bring players back to the studio was voted upon and passed by the League Governance Council.” And all LEC team representatives make up the Council.

How LEC teams will compete in the Studio

Riot stated that only the first, third and fifth games will be played in the LEC studio each day. The game developer has also continued to take precautionary measures as well as consultations with the local authorities,

Furthermore, the decision to bring back only three games per day is to ensure all health measures can be taken. Allowing all 10 teams back into the LEC studio simultaneously is not feasible at this time, the announcement said. So, there will be remote games in between each of the games at the studio. This will allow the teams to best manage all safety and health protocols.

Moreover, Riot will also ensure that all LEC teams receive equal amounts of studio time. This may, however, lead to change in some of the fixed schedules to properly carry it out.

No Live Audience for Summer Split still

While LEC players return to the studio, fans and members of the press are still not allowed. Riot stated that it is unsure of the date for a return of a live audience. However, the COVID-19 situation in Berlin has not yet improved to the extent of allowing a live audience back.

The LEC continues on July 3 as Vitality takes on Excel at 11 a.m. ET.