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The LEC announced a rotation of guest casters, analysts, hosts and interviews for the Summer Split on June 9. The first week saw Mikkel “Guldborg” Nielsen take that stage as a caster and analyst on the desk. Now, Trevor “Quickshot” Henry has confirmed the next few weeks of guests on the broadcast. The British duo of Jake “Hiprain” Matthews and Adrian “Jamada” Wharlton-Thorne will join the LEC crew in the upcoming Week 2 broadcast remotely. Georgia “Troubleinc” Paras and Alex “Machine” Richardson will jump on the broadcast a week later with Machine hosting the show for Week 3 and Week 4.

The rest of the schedule for the LEC guests is up in the air as the pandemic and Brexit complicates the process. But according to Quickshot, fans should keep their eyes open for more potential LEC announcements regarding guests for the future.

“I have more surprises that I’m not yet able to confirm,” he said.

Jamada and Hiprain from EU Masters

Hiprain and Jamada are both veterans of the European Masters circuit, the UK League Championship and the new Northern League of Legends Championship. Jamada is a former coach that has since transferred into a color caster role. LEC fans may recognize him from the EU Masters broadcast this past spring. He commentated multiple days of the group stage and the semifinals. Jamada’s first cast in the second tier European scene, according to Liquidpedia, was in the UK Esports League in 2019.

Hiprain showed up on most people’s radar at EU Masters 2018. He casted multiple days as a play-by-play commentator and did the quarterfinals in the summer. In 2019 EU Masters spring he casted the quarter finals, semi finals and finals. Both casters have been a staple of the United Kingdom League of Legends community and will join the LEC remotely for the second week of games.

Machine and Troubleinc guest together on LEC

Troubleinc and Machine may be the more well known of the four guests coming to the LEC. Troubleinc is a also a caster for the NLC and recently joined SK Gaming as a content creator. She came into the limelight in 2020 casting EU Masters. She has been a part of the EU Masters broadcast every Split since. The Greek national will join the LEC analyst desk for her first day and join the casting stage with Quickshot on the second. Currently, she is slated for just a Week 3 appearance.

Machine is a well-known Counter-Strike commentator and host. Fans may recognize his voice and hosting style from Electronic Sports League and Intel Extreme Masters tournaments. He appeared as a guest host on the LEC in 2020. Both guests will join the LEC in person.

The four casters will follow behind Guldborg who debuted on the LEC stage in Week 1. Jamada and Hiprain will call in remotely to the European league this weekend while Troubleinc and Machine join on June 25.