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The 1.09 update went live in Modern Warfare earlier today across all systems. It is a 13 GB update that contains a multitude of bug fixes and some new content. You can check out everything from the patch notes in our post from earlier.

However, sometimes it’s what not in the patch notes that draws the attention of the community. Whenever a game developer updates their game, they tend to put some future content in the game’s files. This makes it easier to transition that content into the actual game later. Well, with the 1.09 update, some new files were added to Modern Warfare‘s PC version. If you’re a fan of previous Modern Warfare titles, then what’s in the files will surely excite you.

Two old maps could be returning in Modern Warfare

As with all leaks, this information is by no means iron-clad. This is simply information found within the PC files of the game, which Infinity Ward could easily change in the future. That said, it is rare for a developer to take something out of the files once it’s placed there.

For this leak, we not only have files of the maps but also rendered images. The community’s foremost leaker, TheGamingRevolution, has the scoop on both of these maps.


Modern Warfare Crash map
Crash is one of the most beloved maps from across all Call of Duty titles

As TGR references in his tweet, he leaked months ago that an updated version of Wetwork would be returning to Modern Warfare. However, instead of being on the outside of the ship like it was in the original title, it now takes place on the inside of the ship.

In addition to the new Wetwork, it appears Crash from the original Modern Warfare will also be returning. We last saw Crash in Modern Warfare Remastered. In that game, the map got a Christmas-themed makeover. This could hint that Crash will arrive sometime in early to mid-December.

No matter which maps return, they will be free for all players regardless of system. That said, it seems likely that we’ll be seeing both of these classic maps return in Modern Warfare.

What do you think about Crash and Wetwork coming back? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.