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Following countless rumors over the past months, Redditors may have leaked details about one of League of Legends‘ newest champions. Riot Games teased the new jungler, now known as Lillia, in its champion update last month. We don’t have much info about her yet, but the leaks reveal her splash art along with some other champion details.

The source of the leaks came from a Brazilian Twitter user “olcomrade.” They revealed they had data mined a few game files, ultimately discovering Lillia’s info along with details of another new champion. Riot shared vague details in the last Champion Roadmap, so fans are excited to get a taste of what’s coming.

Leaked voice notes

Part of the tweet included two links hosting some voice notes for one of the upcoming champions. The voice seems to be that of one of the two champions teased for release this Summer. One Reddit user suggested the voice may belong to the other masked champion mentioned in the Roadmap.

The first file sounds like a deep, raspy voice. It says, “They took your home Lilia, do not forget this loss, let it course through you.” The second linked file features the same voice, saying “Oh lost spirits beckoning to bloom, I’ve been waiting for you.” That second file mentions the upcoming Spirit Blossom Festival, teased in last night’s Anime Expo Lite stream.

Lillia’s character design and token

Aside from the voice notes, Redditors have also leaked Lillia’s splash art. Her character design seems like a mix of Neeko and Gnar with some extra deer features. Additionally, she holds a staff made of twisted tree branches.

A new token has also been revealed in the 10.14 PBE cycle called Lillia’s Haiku. Many players see this as solid proof that the recent leaks have accurate details. Attached to the token is a note that says, “You discovered Lillia in the forest. Openable on July 22nd, 2020 at 12:00 p.m PT.” This token may hold an opportunity to unlock Lillia for free, but Riot has announced no other details so far.

Overall, it seems that League of Legends fans are excited about Lillia. There’s even already a Reddit board dedicated to the new jungler. Unfortunately, there are a few videos that have been reportedly posted then deleted on the board that included more details on Lillia. A popular content creator mentioned the videos were a part of LATAM’s champion trailer playlist. This indicates that more info may be revealed around 10.15 PBE’s patch.

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