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League of Legends fans have filled the past week with Seraphine rumors, fan art, and excitement. While it hasn’t been confirmed that Seraphine will be the next League of Legends champion, a leaked K/DA image may suggest that she is. Additionally, she may also be the sensational fifth member of the K-Pop group.

Rumors and excitement about Seraphine joining K/DA

The official K/DA Twitter launched on August 20 to reveal their upcoming pre-release single “The Baddest.” Along with a hyped-up post, the account also published teasers of the champions’ upcoming outfits. Aside from Riot’s official images, as fan leaked artwork that reveals a blue-haired Seraphine as part of the group. Although there’s no telling if this image is official, fans are excited over the possible new member of K/DA. Another reason why fans think this may be a legitimate image is the fact that the outfits and hair match the official looks of all four established members.

Some fans on Twitter are suggesting that Seraphine might not be included in the pre-release single, only the main release. Other fans think she will be a cameo or an Easter egg rather than the main feature.

In a recent Instagram post, Seraphine uploaded a photo of herself wearing blue overalls. The caption reads “some things in life are worth waiting for.” This post caused fans to excitedly ask her if she’s alluding to her future appearance in League of Legends. Additionally, another one of her posts includes a screenshot of a conversation between her and her father. The texts are written in both Chinese characters and in English. Because of this, one Twitter comment suggests that Seraphine was maybe designed to be of Chinese descent because Worlds is in China this year. This theory might make sense as Riot Games recently held a songwriting workshop for the upcoming event, hosting several Chinese artists.

Her most current musical cover is on her SoundCloud, where she sings K/DA’s only single, “POP/STARS.” The official K/DA YouTube premiere will go live on August 27 at 12 PM PT.