Leaker claims Rebirth Island will be blown up in Warzone Season 4
Rebirth Island in Warzone
Provided by Activision

Leaker claims Rebirth Island will be blown up in Warzone Season 4

Say goodbye to Rebirth

Over the weekend, Activision teased the next season of Call of Duty: Warzone. Through the official COD Twitter account, the publisher revealed that a new map would arrive in Warzone Season 4. Players eventually discovered the new map will be called Fortune’s Keep, and a full screenshot of the map is coming soon. However, it appears the Fortune’s Keep map comes at the cost of Rebirth Island.

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According to a reliable leaker in the Call of Duty community, Rebirth Island will be replaced by Fortune’s Keep in Season 4. The leaker didn’t go into many details but did post a suggestive GIF that hints at Rebirth being blown up. It remains unclear what exactly could be in store for the soon to be old map, but fans might only have a few more days to experience the small and hectic environment.

Rebirth Island being replaced in Season 4

Rebirth Island has basically been a part of Call of Duty since 2018. Its original name was Alcatraz, which was a map in Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode, Blackout. In 2020, Rebirth Island was implemented into Warzone as a playable map alongside Verdansk ’84. The only time Rebirth Island was not a part of Call of Duty was during the Modern Warfare life cycle in 2019-2020.

This run for Rebirth looks to be coming to an end, though, and it makes sense. The map’s gameplay has grown stale since it’s been around for so long. Fortune’s Keep will likely also be a smaller map, so it can differentiate itself from the large-scale gameplay of Caldera.

As for what exactly happens to Rebirth, the lead-up to Season 4 will likely answer that question. The current storyline in Warzone says Rebirth is under attack by hackers, so that will presumably play a part in its apparent destruction. The trailer for Season 4 of Warzone will likely let players know its fate, whether that be through an explosion or other means.

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