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With the next Call of Duty reveal just around the corner, leaks are sure to pop up. There have already been multiple rumors about the title of the next installment. Most agree it is going to be Modern Warfare 4, a series that hasn’t produced a game since 2011.

A plethora of data-miners and sources within the Call of Duty community confirm this is the next title. Said to have a game-changing multiplayer and a return to classic Campaign mode, fans are excited about this possibility. Of course, even with these sources and leaks, nothing is for certain until Activision release their teaser trailer in a few weeks.

However, fans may have already seen more than they were supposed to when it comes to Modern Warfare 4. A leaked picture on Reddit by user SwiftNL, which was later corroborated by user GamingHermit2k17, showed a possible MW4 menu screen.

Photo courtesy of Reddit user SwiftNL

Real or fake?

The leaked image is said to be from an alpha build of the game. This means the picture was taken by either a developer or a play-tester. While it does look extremely realistic and checks all the appropriate boxes for a menu, some things don’t add up.

The reason this leak garnered so much attention on Reddit is due to its life-like look. No part of it seems to be photo-shopped at first glance. The font, coloring, and overall design are all very familiar to the Modern Warfare series. Therein lies the problem.

Something looks familiar

Fans of the Call of Duty franchise will recognize this menu screen for one reason: it’s been used before. In 2011, Modern Warfare 3 released and had an eerily similar design to this leaked image.

The background with the faded soldiers, the green wave through the title, and the text at the bottom are all traits of MW3’s menu screen.

Even with developer Infinity Ward’s track record, it seems unlikely that they would repeat the design so closely. Each title in the Modern Warfare series has had its own style and look compared to the others. In addition, it’s been 8 years since the last Modern Warfare game, and Infinity Ward likely has changed things up dramatically.

Along with the fact that it looks stunningly similar to MW3, GamingINTEL claims to have sources who say for certain that the leak is fake. This should be taken with a grain of salt, but GamingINTEL did predict the title of the next Call of Duty and the modes that will come with it.