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After a long wait, Treyarch confirmed League Play is coming to  Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on Feb. 8.

As previously reported, Activision seems to be lining up the mode’s release date with the Call of Duty League’s Opening Weekend on Feb. 11. League Play will finally bring a competitive-only environment that uses the same rulesets, maps and game modes as professional players.

League Play arriving soon in Black Ops Cold War

For many, League Play is a safe haven to escape the unrewarding skill-based matchmaking in public matches. In the past, the mode has featured different ladders and ranks to showcase how much players have improved against players of similar skill.

According to Treyarch’s newest blog post, Black Ops Cold War will feature a similar system. This will build off Black Ops 4’s ladder system and offer 30 different ranks for players to progress through.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War League Play coming Feb. 8
League Play has been a popular feature since its introduction in Black Ops 2. Image via Treyarch

There aren’t many more details about League Play as of right now. However, as the Feb. 8 release date draws nearer, Treyarch should announce more about the individual Ranks and ladders. Also, if previous versions are any indication, there could be end-of-season rewards for players to grind toward.

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