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A few months back, we reported on URF returning to live servers before the season ends. The wait is now over, as League of Legends’ most popular game mode finally hit live servers earlier today. Its reappearance was also announced in League of Legends’ 10-year anniversary video.

Unlike previous occurrences, URF now allows players to pick the champions they want to play. Previously, the champions were picked randomly, similar to how it’s done in ARAM. However, Riot decided to keep the bans from previous URF iterations. It will only be available for a limited time, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Changes compared to previous occurrences

As already mentioned, the URF that hit live servers today has a few changes compared to previous events. Apart from the aforementioned champion select and bans, this version of URF also includes some changes to the map itself. Riot’s /dev article notes that the team added some elements that are currently present on the regular Summoner’s Rift map. From turret plating to Elder Dragon buffs, the changes will mostly impact the already-swift pace of the game mode. And yes, for those of you asking, the Catapult of Champions is also making a return along with other small changes to the game mode.

One of League’s most popular game modes

URF – known in previous versions as ARURF (all random URF) – offers players a high-paced, entertaining, and quite unique experience. Reduced cooldowns and bigger stat numbers are just a few of the features that make this game mode exciting for both casual and competitive players. The abbreviation URF stands for “Ultra Rapid Fire,” but it’s also a reference to an abandoned champion called Urf the Manatee.

URF will be available until Nov 8, with known no date of return in the future. For more League of Legends content, stay in touch with Daily Esports!

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