League of Legends to add new jungler, marksman, and assassin this year
Riot League of Legends to add new jungler, marksman, and assassin

League of Legends to add new jungler, marksman, and assassin this year

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League of Legends‘ developers have recently revealed a few hints about the next three champions they plan to release. With Volibear’s rework project over, the team can now switch its focus to the next Visual and Gameplay (VGU) updates. As previously mentioned in Riot’s Season Start Champion video, the devs have plenty of ideas to bring to the game. Their plan to release at least six new champions this year includes a new jungler, marksman, and assassin.

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In a new blog post, Riot Games’ Lead Champion Producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles details this upcoming project. He provides some insight into a few things the Champion Team considered when creating the next champions. “The main reason we continue to release new champs is to add new gameplay for people to engage with.” After much research, the team used the popularity of assassins as the starting point for its next project.

Riot Games new League of Legends champion

Hazy new jungler

Riot previously teased the upcoming jungler in their developer’s video. This League champion is a mid-range skirmisher with a nature-themed personality. Additionally, the blog provides a gif of the new champion, shaped like a glowing ball, rolling down top lane. The other hints of their new personality include a sleepy-like hazy environment. This may allude to the champion possibly having sleep-like abilities, similar to Zoe.

Spiritual assassin

League of Legends‘ newest assassin seems like another demon in the making. It appears they are fighting an internal conflict through some mysterious thoughts. “Suddenly I feel a spiritual tug from the direction of the masked figure – from me?” It also seems they wield two weapons and may have a double personality, like Kayne, Aphelios, or even Kindred. Riot plans to release both jungler and assassin in a summer event coming next month.

Marksman on its way

Finally, the newest marksman is expected to be revealed late this year. Riot teases the champion by referring to them as a “thrill seeker” with “stylish new combos.” Additionally, it seems this champion can dive straight into danger and come out barely alive. This may suggest that their kit includes some health-stealing or regenerating abilities. The biggest giveaway is their physical description of being “dressed to slay.” Players can probably expect a champion similar to Katarina or even Zed.

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