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In a short tweet, Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter gave insight into projects the League of Legends balance team is working on for the future. The projects include updates to tank items, systemic mobility along with the Tahm Kench and Sona updates. The statement did not give any updates on priority or a timeline for these changes. This is just a quick primer for fans for what may be to come in the future for League of Legends.

“Wanted to share an update of projects in flight on the SR team (they own balance and systems). These are in rough priority/timeline order but things can always change. Notable new project is aimed at reducing systemic mobility in places where it has crept or gone too far,” Riot Scruffy tweeted alongside a screenshot of upcoming changes.

Reducing systemic mobility in League of Legends

Mobility has been an issue in League of Legends for a while, as new champions join the game with more movement options. New champions like Gwen and Seraphine have either a dash or an ability that buffs movement speed. Mobility also took a turn with runes like Phase Rush and Mythic items like Stridebreaker. In the post, Riot Scruffy specified that the team does not want to nerf movement speed or items associated with it. The intended changes revolve around scaling back movement speed creep from items and runes.

Players can already see this playing out in recent patches. Phase Rush received changes in Patch 11.10 in line with these principles.

Tank, split pushing and defensive enchanter items

New item ideas were also teased in the small update. The team is working on tank items to remove the need for Thornmail on most tank champions. They are also looking to improve items that are underused, like Frozen Heart and Warmongs. For split pushing, Riot may be introducing items that fit into the strategy. The update hints at items specifically for split pushers that are tanks and fighter, while also tweaking outer turrets to make the playstyle more viable.

Not a ton of information was given about the defensive enchanter item. The current status is that it is in the works and should come some time in the distant future.

Tahm kench and Sona updates

There was not much given in the statement about the two champions other than the updates will come. The priority for the team seems to be Tahm Kench’s art and final updates, then they will start on Sona.

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