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Riot Games developers have teased three League of Legends champions to be released later this year in a new video for season 2020. Lead producer Ryan “R3AV3” Mireles gives us insight on this exciting news, and these champions are said to be highly unique. Mireles also discusses visual updates, changes in lore, and upcoming events.

As he introduces League‘s newest champion Sett, he also discusses the Fiddlesticks and Volibear visual update. Moving towards the end of the video, he surprises the audience with a pretty vague teaser on what’s to come.

Using the lore

Throughout the video, Mireles says the development team is looking to follow the lore for upcoming champions. This hints that the first new champion might have already been introduced before. He refers to the previous feedback they’ve received and reassures that Riot is listening. They are looking to pull another Senna or Kai’Sa situation, where we’ve heard of them in the lore but have not seen them until now. This is exciting information as this gives more depth to a champion’s story as well as the League of Legends universe.

What’s coming up this summer

Additionally, League of Legends is going to introduce two other new champions later this summer. They too will likely be tied into events, similar to previous ones like Lunar Revel, Battle Academia, Arcade, and True Damage. Mireles says, “The event will blossom with a new jungler to fawn over.” These choices of words kind of give an idea to what the event might be. Flowers? Deer? In the picture provided, we see fairies and butterflies glowing around a large tree root.

Then he adds there will also be “a masked champion who refuses to die.” This kind of gives Ivern vibes; maybe they’re inspired by nature or animals. This would be similar to other champions such as Malphite or Soraka.

Initially, the development team wasn’t sure what role to make these new champions. “We know it’s been a while since we dreamed up a new jungler, but we were split on what we wanted to make,” says Mireles. He continues by saying they were confused about whether to make them into a team fight-focused bruiser or an assassin. He also hints that the masked champion is a demon and that “some demons should remain in our past.”

Tons of speculation

Speculation is already mounting about who the new characters are. One Reddit theory thinks it might even be a development off of Kindred, since she has a line about dreams that are “split,” among other reasons.

What do you think? You can go into the League of Legends Universe page to read all about every champion and what their past holds. After all, it doesn’t seem they are releasing any more information for another few months. Stay up to date with us here at Daily Esports!

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