League of Legends bringing new skins to Bard, Taliyah, Pantheon, more
League of Legends bringing new champion skins to Bard, Taliyah, and Pantheon

League of Legends bringing new skins to Bard, Taliyah, Pantheon, more

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In a new “Riot Pls” video, Riot Games gave an inside look on some new skins coming to League of Legends. Riot Product Manager Jessica “Safelocked” Nam revealed the new skins are coming to “underserved” champions, including Bard, Taliyah, Pantheon, Vel’koz, and more. This time, Riot is releasing new skins specifically for Bard and Taliyah.

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You can check out the video below.

Astronaut Bard

Though not much information is out there yet, Astronaut Bard will be joining the other Astronaut skins in League of Legends. Other champions who share this theme include Teemo and Nautilus. Right behind Bard are his Meeps, colored in green and resembling tiny aliens with big heads. Bard also seems to be carrying some kind of space gun on his shoulder along with a UFO for his Caretaker’s Shrine. The aesthetics of the skin match Nautilus’s space skin, and both of them floating above the ground fit right into the space theme.

This will be Bard’s fourth skin since his release in 2015. His other skins include Elderwood, Snow Day, and Bard Bard.

Pool Party Taliyah

Taliyah will be joining the other League of Legends champions in this theme such as Caitlyn, Renekton, Graves, and others. This will be her third skin since her release in 2016. Currently, she only has her Frejlord skin available to players. The other one is her Samsung Galaxy White skin, which is considered a legacy cosmetic item.

In Taliyah’s newest Pool Party skin, she’s seen riding an orange surfboard while wearing black and pink swimming clothes.

pool party taliyah

Pulsefire Pantheon

Pantheon’s new Pulsefire skin wasn’t announced with the previous ones, but viewers did get a preview of what’s coming next. Pantheon will be joining the rest of the Pulsefire crew, such as Ezreal and Caitlyn, once the next Pulsefire event goes live. This League of Legends skin shows a futuristic-looking Pantheon, with neon-blue characteristics and strong black gloves.

pulsefire pantheon

Riot Games will continually create more skins for other “forgotten” champions on its list. Some other champions receiving skins this year are Skarner, Vel’Koz, Karthus, Kindred, and Nautilus. Each champion on their list has a really short list of skin options, so Riot intends to fix that. Throughout the year, players will receive more updates regarding these changes. Although Safelocked mentioned the progress may be slow due to the pandemic, they intend on doing as much as they can throughout the next few months.

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