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In the Season 2022 livestream, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, the lead of the champion team at Riot Games gave players a look at what to expect for new champions coming in 2022. Unlike the goal set in 2021, there will not be a new champion for every lane this year. Instead, the team stated that it will focus on quality, and the presentation showed teasers for four different champions that players can expect later this year.

New League of Legends champion Zeri

After the official trailer reveal for Zeri that came out on Thursday, more details were shown about the champion in the Season 2022 livestream. The biggest detail shown explained how her auto-attacks work. It turns out that players will not be auto-attacking much at all. The three-to-seven-round burst shown in the trailer wasn’t her auto-attacks. That was actually her Q ability. Reav3 said in the livestream that Zeri’s Q ability will be how players farm and deal damage, which will function similarly to other champions’ auto-attacks.

Her actual auto-attack shoots out a quick lightning bolt but Reav3 said that her actual auto-attacks will be used “sparingly at just the right moment.” He also said that her auto-attack counts as spells that will have cool interactions with different items. Reav3 ended the Zeri portion of the presentation with some advice to aspiring Zeri mains.

“Never. Stop. Moving,” Reav3 said.

A new dark-enchanter

new league champion in 2022
A teaser image for the new dark and sinister support champion. | Provided by Riot Games

After Zeri, the next champion coming this year will be a new support. Reav3 mentioned that all the enchanter supports in the game have lighthearted designs and that the need for something dark was long overdue. On top of that, Reav3 said the team wanted to create a support champion that makes support players feel “like the boss that they are.”

Apart from that, there was a teaser image of the new dark and sinister support champion, and Reav3 stated that support players will go “berserk” for the new champion.

A glimpse at a new jungler and bot laner

The teaser image for the new non-traditional bot laner. | Provided by Riot Games

Right when Reav3 was about to announce the third champion coming in 2022, he was possessed. While possessed, Reav3 talked about “her” taking over Runeterra and saying “we are all saved.” After he comes back from being possessed, he talked briefly about a “terrifying new jungler who is ramping up to swarm the rift later this year.”

To end the presentation, Reav3 left players with a quick teaser image of the final champion in the presentation. He said that his one will be a “very mysterious non-traditional bot laner.”

There are currently no release dates for any of the champions shown in the presentation. However, more details on these four will be rolling out over the course of 2022.

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