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Riot Games has officially announced the list of League of Legends champions receiving Spirit Blossom skins. As many fans predicted, Yasuo is one of them. Joining him are Vayne, Thresh, Lillia, and everyone’s favorite – Teemo. The skin line features bright purple and pink colors and celebrates Iona’s annual Spirit Blossom event.

On Tuesday, the official League Twitter account posted a PBE preview for the new skin line. Along with the arrival of new champion Lillia, it looks like LoL players have a busy month ahead of them.

Spirit Blossom Yasuo

The cosmetics add on bright, floral designs to the champions, giving each one a unique look. Yasuo is seen with white and pink ombré hair and bright pink swords. To add to his look, his arm also glows green with tattoos. His backing animation is worth the wait, as he grows a tree behind him while sending a blossom off down a river. It’s available for 1350 RP.

Players who enjoy this skin can also purchase his eight Spirit Blossom chromas. This will be Yasuo’s eighth skin, with his last one being True Damage in November 2019.

Riot League of Legends Spirit Blossom Yasuo skin

Spirit Blossom Thresh

No one likely expected to see Thresh receive a Spirit Blossom skin, and his splash art is definitely unique. The champion has never shown his face to anyone, and he’s known to be a ghost-like figure. Opposite of this, his Spirit Blossom splash art features a sexy version of his human face and body. It also seems like Riot had fun adding lofi music to one of his idle animations as his lantern dances around.

This would be Thresh’s tenth skin, including three other ones in the Legacy Vault. This skin is set for 1850 RP.

Spirit Blossom Vayne

This Vayne skin features elf ears, purple skin, and blue hair. Completely different from her previous skins, this one dresses her in dark clothing and a slit down her dress. Additionally, bright blue flames come from her hands and feet as she attacks her enemies. Overall, her color theme is different than the others in the skin line.

This will be Vayne’s twelfth skin, including her rare and Legacy Vault ones. It will be available for 1350 RP.

Spirit Blossom Teemo

Teemo, the most-feared champion of League of Legends, is set to receive this floral skin, and his overall look is pretty adorable. His backing animation includes him playing an instrument while flying off on a giant pink leaf. What more could one want?

Although he looks like he could be related to Animal Crossing‘s Tom Nook, don’t be fooled by his cute appearance. His pudgy mushrooms remain deadlier than ever, and he’ll still appear out of the shadows to kill you. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like we will get Spirit Blossom Teemo chromas. But he does get a Prestige skin.

Spirit Blossom Lillia

League‘s newest champion, Lillia, will receive a brand new skin along with her release. She comes with new animations, visual effects, and more. Be prepared to choose between her eight colorful chromas – you might just end up purchasing all of them.

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