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Gwen: The Hallowed Seamstress’ abilities have been revealed after the champion was announced earlier this month. The ability power fighter looks to be a top laner with close-ranged abilities similar to Camille and Fiora. Gwen will use her giant scissors and needles to cut down her foes in lane while also using her dash and untargetable ability to skirt around fights.

Gwen’s abilities

Gwen’s passive is Thousand Cuts. The champion’s basic attacks deal bonus damage on-hit through magic damage based on a percentage of her own health. Those attacks will also heal her for the damage dealt. This is a standard passive for some short-ranged champions and will help her sustain through the laning phase.

Snip Snip! is the name of her Q Spell. Gwen will snip her scissors in a cone in front of her once cast. The ability will snip twice at a minimum and can add up to four more snips if she lands basic attacks before casting. The ability scales up the number of snips based on how many basic attacks Gwen lands. So, with four attacks before casting, her Q spell will trigger six times.

Arguably, Gwen’s most powerful spell is her W, Hallowed Mist. She channels the mist for five seconds and gains armor and magic resist statistics while inside of its range. Enemies outside of the mist range will not be able to target Gwen or hit her with their abilities. The mist will also follow Gwen the first time she tries to leave it. The moving mist pairs nicely with her next ability.

The champion’s E spell is a short dash that empowers her basic attacks called Skip ‘n Slash. Her attacks will have increased range, speed and more on-hit magic damage for four seconds. If Gwen attacks an enemy in that time, the ability cooldown is refunded by 50%.

Lastly, Gwen’s Ultimate ability is Needlework. The spell fires needles in a line that deal magic damage, slow enemy hits and apply her passive. The ability can be fired up to three times in a row. However, it needs to connect with an enemy within eight seconds of its last cast to unlock the next.

The champion is set for release on the public test realm tomorrow, March 31. She may join the champion roster in the next patch cycle slated for April 14.