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On July 7, Riot Games finally unveiled League of Legends’ next mid lane marksman, Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel.

We already know that Akshan will soon be swinging his way into Teamfight Tactics, but after months of teasing, players finally got the full rundown of what to expect from the gallivanting grappler on Summoner’s Rift. And if you couldn’t already tell from his release video, our guy gets around.

Ability Breakdown

Passive: Dirty Fighting

Akshan’s passive ability is Dirty Fighting. In standard League of Legends fashion, every third hit to an enemy from either Akshan’s abilities or auto attacks not only deals extra physical damage but also grants him a shield if the target is a champion.

And no, that’s not all. After Akshan auto attacks, he quickly fires a second attack sort of like his brother-in-arms, Lucian. The catch is that this second attack deals reduced physical damage and can be canceled for a quick burst of movement speed.

Q: Avengerang

Akshan’s Q, Avengerang is your typical bread-and-butter skill shot. He throws a boomerang dealing physical damage and extends in range for each enemy hit (including minions). Avengerang reveals all enemies hit and, like Gnar, Sivir and Ahri’s Q abilities, can hit enemies twice: once after firing, and once while returning.

W: Going Rogue

Akshan’s W, Going Rogue, is a two-parter. Passively, Akshan’s W marks enemy champions that kill one of his allies as Scoundrels. Killing a Scoundrel gives extra gold and resurrects all of the Scoundrel’s victims at their base, removing the Scoundrel status from all other enemies.

Upon activation, Going Rogue camouflages Akshan for a brief duration. While undercover, Akshan can follow trails to any marked Scoundrels and gains bonus movement speed and mana regeneration while pursuing them. Going Rogue has an indefinite duration when activated near terrain.

E: Heroic Swing

Heroic Swing, Akshan’s E ability, is his highlight reel-maker. Akshan fire one of his hookshots into nearby terrain. While latched on, he can swing around the terrain while firing at the nearest enemy. Heroic Swing can be recast to jump off in the cursor’s direction and fire one last shot. If Akshan earns a takedown on an enemy, Heroic Swing’s cooldown is reset.

R: Comeuppance

Akshan’s ultimate ability is Comeuppance. When used on a target, Akshan locks onto the enemy champ and starts channeling his gun for a short duration. After either charging up fully or recasting, Akshan unloads a storm of bullets into the first minion, champion, or structure in his path, dealing physical damage based on missing health. If that didn’t sound strong enough to you, Akshan can cast and channel Comeuppance while moving and during Heroic Swing.

Akshan will shoot and swing his way onto live servers during Patch 11.15. The champion is slated to play a large role in the upcoming Sentinels of Light event.