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With the 2022 pre-season changes coming to League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics coming out with Set 6, the Public Beta Environment will host plenty of content players will want to try before they make their way to live servers. Luckily for everyone, the League of Legends PBE is accessible to everyone that wants to participate. For players that don’t have accounts, here is a how-to make a League of Legends PBE account, how to download the client and how to play League of Legends or TFT on the PBE.

Step 1: Go to the PBE signup page

Riot Games has a special website that allows players to sign up for a PBE account. To do so, players must be in good standing on their regular accounts. This means that a player cannot be currently banned and they also have to be honor level 3 or above. If a player can check those categories off, they are allowed to make an account.

However, the sign-up page is notorious for being “finicky” and may not work all the time or even at the time a player needs to make an account. A Rioter on social media stated to just keep trying and the system will eventually create the account.

Step 2: Download the PBE client

After a player has an account, they will need to download the PBE client. On the same page as the account creation screen, there will be a link to download the actual client. Once the download button is selected, it should automatically start the download. Players do not need to do anything special, as the new Riot client will integrate a selection for both the main game and the PBE on the same menu.

The new Riot client shows both the PBE client and the regular League of Legends client in the same drop down menu. | Provided by Riot Games

Step 3: Patch the client and then enjoy

The PBE updates constantly, so make sure after you have your account and client downloaded that you patch the client. This is done automatically when you try to log into the game. After that, you should be all set to enjoy what the PBE client has available, from League of Legends pre-season content to the latest TFT set.

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