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Unlike Patch 9.12, the League of Legends patch that hit live clients this morning has quite a lot in store. Apart from the release of Qiyana, the latest champion, the much anticipated Teamfight Tactics also saw its release. Furthermore, the patch includes many changes to champions, items, and even some new content with the Arcade skin line. Since there is a lot to cover, let’s dive right into it.



Qiyana is getting released in this patch, more specifically on June 28. The latest solo lane assassin came as quite a surprise with how quickly she had been unveiled. To learn more about League of Legends’ newest champion, check out our previous article on her reveal.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics was released in Patch 9.13 as a new League of Legends game mode. Upon its PBE release, it swiftly took over Twitch as the most viewed game, with a peak viewership of 213,768 viewers. While it introduced very long queues to the PBE, Riot Games promised this wouldn’t be the case on live servers. Unfortunately, the mode is having some issues and is disabled at the time of writing this article.

Changes to LoL champions


Corki has received mostly QoL-related changes in this patch. His ultimate’s ammo indicator now reads left-to-right, meaning the left missile is now always the next to fire. Additionally, his passive’s spawn and cooldown numbers have been severely adjusted in ARAM, increasing his strength in the mode.


Diana is another champion to receive QoL changes in the patch. The changes are related to her Q, Crescent Strike. The developers recoded the animations on it to make it feel better when casting. While the changes are quite hard to notice, some notable ones include the tip of her Q revealing Fog of War and traveling slightly faster overall.


The Kraken Priestess is the first champion to receive notable tweaks to her numbers in Patch 9.13. They are mostly buffs, but Riot implemented some QoL changes into her abilities as well. Her passive’s AP ratio has been slightly increased and received some QoL changes, such as her now being able to ping the cooldown on it. Harsh Lesson, her W, has gotten some bonus damage when attacking towers. Her E’s Spirit duration no longer reduces if she gets damage, and it lasts longer overall. Lastly, her ultimate can now spawn up to six tentacles, and they don’t despawn if she uses her W mid-attack.

Patch 9.13 League of Legends Riot Games Illao


Riot’s intent on Pyke in this patch was to target solo lane Pyke and his wave clear. His Q, Bone Skewer, no longer acts as an AoE ability but instead hits the nearest unit. Subsequently, it no longer deals bonus damage, but it does have a shorter cooldown at lower ranks. Ghostwater Dive, Pyke’s W, now scales based on rank, up to a 60% decaying movement speed increase. Lastly, his ultimate no longer inflicts damage to minions and monsters.


The next change is based on Sejuani’s popularity in professional play. Since her last buffs, she has been picked in nearly every competitive League of Legends game. Riot admitted to buffing her too much, hence their attempt to pull the change slightly back. Her health grow base stat has been slightly decreased, and the damage she deals on her second W cast has had its ratio decreased as well.

Patch 9.13 League of Legends Riot Games Sejuani


Riot is trying to tune Sivir’s early game pressure with these changes. Her base attack damage growth and mana regen are getting decreased, while her W cast now costs some more mana. However, since the Essence Reaver nerfs also affect her, these nerfs aren’t as severe.


This is another pro-play-focused tune since Sona has been the most commonly banned bottom lane champion in recent League of Legends patches. Riot is trying to lower her impact by reducing the damage ratio on her Q’s aura and the ratio of her E’s bonus movement speed.


Sylas is getting some of his power back with the buffs in this patch. Some of his base stats are getting increased, as is his W’s base damage. There is also a small change to his E’s tooltip, which mentions the mana scaling per rank he already had prior to Patch 9.13.


The changes towards Tristana are mostly aimed at her aggressive playstyle. Her base stats are getting slight increases, while her Rocket Jump now deals more magic damage as she lands on top of you, scaling with rank.

Patch 9.13 League of Legends Riot Games Tristana Bucaneer

Changes to LoL items

Essence Reaver

As previously mentioned, Essence Reaver has received some nerfs to the way it’s built. The total cost is now slightly higher, and the path to build it now includes a B.F. Sword instead of a Pickaxe.

New content

Apart from Qiyana and Teamfight Tactics, some new skins from the Arcade skin line have also been released. These include an Arcade skin for Caitlyn (with an extra Prestige Edition version) and Kai’Sa as well as Battle Boss skins for Qiyana and Yasuo. Additionally, Arcade Kai’Sa, MF, Riven, and Sona along with Battle Boss Qiyana and Yasuo have received chromas.

Riot Games Qiyana

If you want a detailed look at the patch notes, make sure to head over to the official League of Legends website.

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