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With the release of Patch 9.12 a few days ago, League of Legends is getting a few new changes. Apart from the reworked Mordekaiser release, this patch sees changes to several other champions. Additionally, ARAM is getting some balance changes, and Riot recently announced them becoming a regular thing. Although this patch isn’t particularly big, it does feature new content with the launch of some new skins.

With that said, let’s jump right into the changes you’ll be seeing on the Rift in this patch.

Changes to League champions


As previously mentioned, Mordekaiser’s unexpected rework has been released in this patch. The Iron Revenant is already wreaking havoc on the Rift, so make sure to try him out. For a more detailed overview of his abilities, check out our previous article on the rework.

Mordekaiser Rework League of Legends Patch Notes 9.12 Riot Games


Ryze is no stranger to balance changes or reworks, and his numbers are getting tuned again in this patch. Riot is trying to make him less of a priority in professional play, where he is played the most. Additionally, they are making him easier to play in casual play with some tuning to his combos. His Q also no longer grants a shield, making his already weak laning phase even weaker.


Similarly to Ryze, Sylas has been an important pick in competitive play for quite a while. Riot is trying to tune him slightly by lowering the numbers on his Q and increasing them on his W. Furthermore, his E will no longer grant a shield on first cast, but will grant it on champion or monster hit.


We have heard numerous professional League of Legends players say Yuumi is currently the most broken support champion. Well, Riot has reverted some mid-patch buffs she got to make her slightly less broken.

As stated by them, she is very frustrating to play against as she has no real vulnerabilities when played right. That is why they are lowering her defensive stats across the board, with the exception of her base health. Her base health is getting a sizable increase, while her passive is having its stats reduced. There are also some changes to her W, mainly reducing the adaptive force Yuumi shares with her allies when attached. Lastly, Riot included some Qualify of Life changes that don’t affect the balance of the champion.

Battle Principal Yuumi League of Legends Patch Notes 9.12 Riot Games

Tahm Kench

After his mini rework a few patches ago, Kench has seen a moderate amount of play in the professional scene. The aim of the rework was to make him less played in the top lane. Riot nerfed his W by decreasing the damage on it. However, allies can now leave his belly sooner, but can’t leave it when CC’d. Finally, the range on his spit when devouring an ally has been severely decreased.

Other simple changes to champions

There are some additional, smaller changes to other champions in this patch. Some notable mentions are nerfs to Aatrox, Irelia, and Nautilus. For a full list of these smaller changes, check out the official League of Legends patch notes.

Changes to items

A single change to an item has been made in this patch. Corrupting Potion, an item often bought on solo laners, is having its bonus magid damage flattened. This means it no longer scales with level, making it a less obvious choice on certain champions.

ARAM Balance Changes

Riot has promised us regular changes to ARAM every few patches. They are delivering their promise in this patch, with many buffs and nerfs to champions in ARAM. Apart from the balance changes, Riot also tuned the League of Legends Champion Mastery Grade system, making it more accurate for ARAM.

The patch also introduced some VFX improvements to certain older champions. This has been a part of each patch for some time now as Riot is trying to modernize the game as much as possible.

To conclude, the Dark Cosmic Jhin, Dark Star Karma, and Dark Star Shaco skins have been released in the patch. The Shaco skin deserves an honorable mention too, as it has been nearly 1500 days since the last Shaco skin was released.

Dark Star Shaco League of Legends Patch Notes 9.12 Riot Games

Do you think it will take longer for Shaco to get his next skin than it did for this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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