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Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter posted on his Twitter the current plans for League of Legends patch 9.15. While the list of champions being changed has not yet been finalized, it gave us a good idea of what direction they are looking to take this patch.

The direction of patch 9.15

The majority of the changes this patch are aimed at allowing more champions to be played in the mid and bot lane. For the mid lane, the meta right now is Corki and Azir. The changes this patch to up to eight champions who could be played in the mid lane will hopefully work towards more variety in competitive play. Further changes will be made to increase the variety in the bot lane with the changes to Karma, Soraka, Lucian, and Vayne. What exactly these changes are going to be is yet to be announced. However, as patch 9.15 is expected to be headed to the live servers on Wednesday, July 31, we can expect to know more soon.

Further, in the news, today for League of Legends is the compensation for Arcade pass holders, who earlier this month were unable to earn rewards due to technical difficulties. Each arcade pass owner on the EUW and EUNE server has been rewarded 200 Arcane tokens to make up for this.

In more positive news surrounding Arcane tokens and event rewards of League of Legends is that there is now an ability to buy full Hextech keys in the event store. Also, blue essence can now be bought by the 100 for 10 event tokens, rather than 10 blue essences for one token, one at a time.

What do you think about these potential changes? Sound good to you? For more of League of Legends, check out what we know so far about League of Legends‘ next event, surrounding the Project storyline.

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