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Riot Games has released League of Legends Patch 11.11, featuring the grand return of the Nexus Blitz mode, more champion changes and several new project skins.

The developer previously announced the launch of PROJECT: Bastion, a League of Legends event with new skins and the Nexus Blitz mode. With PROJECT: Bastion, Sejuani, Sylas, Varus, Renekton and Mordekaiser will all receive Project skins. The event will be available in-game from May 27 to June 28.

Aside from PROJECT: Bastion, League of Legends Patch 11.11 has also made changes to several champions and items. There is a focus on jungle champions in this new patch, as Riot aims to bring balance to the role. Champion changes include Morgana, Elise and Rumble nerfs with Graves, Ryze, Seraphine and Hecarim getting buffs.

All detaiils of League of Legends Patch 11.11
Provided by Riot Games | Details of changes in League of Legends Patch 11.11

Rumble and Morgana nerfed in League of Legends Patch 11.11

Morgana and Rumble jungle meta dominated the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational event. Both of these champions were among the two most picked during the group stages. Morgana went from a staple mid lane and support champion, to the second favourite jungle pick, with a good win rate at the MSI group stage. Aside from Udyr, Morgana and Rumble were the most picked champions for junglers.

Furthermore, both champions proved useful in clearing jungle camps very quickly with additional firepower in team fights. Their spike after two items also made them crucial for teams to have, especially for compositions centred around team fights.

Riot has decided to slow down the Rumble and Morgana jungle party with some nerfs to both champions. Morgana’s nerf is to balance her jungle role as the last buff worked too well, shifting her away from her primary roles.

With this nerf, Morgana’s W (Tormented Shadow) damage against non-epic monsters reduces to 155%. Meanwhile, Rumble’s Passive on hit damage cap against monsters is now 80. Additionally, Riot has limited Rumble’s single target damage to monsters.

Changes to Senna and Master Yi Items

Riot has also decided to adjust certain items commonly used on Senna and Master Yi. This is to make sure no champion feels limited to a particular item. Senna’s FrostFire Gauntlet and Master Yi’s Duskblade are the two items adjusted in Patch 11.11. Senna will now have more power in other support builds outside of Frostfire. The champion’s Q (Piercing Darkness) healing now scales with 160% lethality. Also, her R (Dawning Shadow) damage ratio now increases to 70% Ability Power.

Additionally, Master Yi’s Duskblade, although a perfect choice for the champion, can often lead to low counter gameplay. Riot has decided to increase the power of other builds for Master Yi.

Aside from these changes, the Bramble Vest and Warmog’s Armor, among other items, have also received some changes. League of Legends Patch 11.11 will be available for all players from May 26.