League of Legends Patch 10.7: The cutest patch this season
League of Legends April Fools Patch 10.7 skins Riot Games
IMAGE: Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.7: The cutest patch this season

Riot Games has released a new patch for League of Legends, sending it out the night before April Fools’ Day. To avoid any mischief, Riot decided to put the patch notes out a day before the international joke day. While this patch is small, it features some important updates, nerfs, and buffs. But most importantly, the patch also features some cute and fluffy April Fools skins. Without further ado, let’s take a quick glance at the changes in patch 10.7.

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Ranked matchmaking changes

The matchmaking balance in ranked League of Legends has been quite a problem throughout Season 10. This is especially true in Solo Queue, where Duos have a significant advantage over teams with five random players.

That being said, Riot has implemented an interesting fix for this issue. From this patch on, the matchmaking system will make sure if one team has a Duo, the other does as well. So be wary the next time you queue up with your Duo partner – you might not be the only player with a premade jungler in the game.

Champion balance changes

We see a few champion nerfs and buffs in this League of Legends patch, but nothing too severe. On the nerf side, mid lane Nocturne and Garen received minor changes, with Talon and Wukong receiving some stat changes as well. Additionally, Wukong now has a new mechanic that allows him to queue up his W and R during his dash.

On the buffs side, the most notable seems to be Galio getting a new passive on his R – and of course, the release of the reworked Fiddlesticks. Galio will now grant the same passive magic damage shield that he gets from his W to all allies in the area he casts his R in. This will be a huge boost to his team fighting capabilities, especially when played in the support role.

Patch 10.7 also includes smaller buffs to other champions and runes. Make sure to check out the full Riot patch notes for a detailed overview of the changes.

League of Legends Patch 10.7 Galio Riot Games

A world-breaking pajama party

As with almost every patch, this one features some new skins as well. The annual April Fools skins are already available, but we’ll have to wait a bit for the Worldbreaker skins. They should become available by April 9. The April Fools lineup features skins for two yordles, Veigar and Tristana, as well as a skin for our favorite crab god Urgot. On the other hand, Malzahar, Sion, and Maokai will receive Worldbreaker skins. Each of these skins will also have a few chromas available for purchase.

League of Legends Patch 10.7 Veigar Riot Games

Will you buy any of the new skins? Let us know which in the comments below!

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