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Riot Games has revealed details about the upcoming League of Legends patch 10.19. The “Worlds Patch” has plenty of nerfs, buffs, and updates, but they also shared that these changes will be fairly small. Additionally, Samira is set to make her appearance, along with the rest of the PsyOps and exclusive skins.

patch 10.19 buffs nerfs

10.19 Nerfs

Twisted Fate
Botlane Senna

Out of all of the champions on the nerf list, Talon and Azir have a below 50% win rate for this current patch. Talon’s most recent change was for Patch 10.11, where his Q cost increased and his heal on kill decreased early. Nunu was recently buffed in patch 10.13, increasing his damage and monster heal ratio.

10.19 Buffs

Udyr Pheonix

Currently, Ahri’s win rate is at 51% although her play rate in higher elo has gone down. For her last changes in patch 10.18, Riot increased her cooldown to 10/9/8/7/6 from 9/8/7/6/5. Her mana cost also increased to 55 from 40. Although full patch details aren’t available yet, it could be possible that Riot may buff her new Essence Theft passive.


Besides the champion changes, players will also have a chance to purchase the rest of the PsyOps skins. This patch will release PsyOps Pyke, Zed, Kayle, Viktor, and Samira. Additionally, Championship LeBlanc and True Damage Yasuo Prestige Edition will also be released.

For this patch, players will finally be able to play League of Legends’ newest champion Samira.

Some Twitter users opposed the changes to this patch, and many people wondered why Yone wasn’t nerfed. Since this patch is the Worlds patch, Yone isn’t allowed to be picked, and the development team has revolved this update around pro play. In the meantime, Riot’s Lead Gameplay Designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter is taking notes for future improvements.

Daily Esports will update readers once full patch details are released.

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